Africa Iron Ore Conference

Jun 4, 2013 to Jun 5, 2013

Location Lower Long Street Convention Square
Cape Town, South Africa
Cost $ 2795.00
Details Key Learning Outcomes:

- Appreciate the formation of iron ores and how this determines their properties
- Understand the impact of impurities on downstream users and understand why some ores are sellable and some are not
- Explain the chemical and physical properties of ores that customers need
- Review the major types of iron ore and their characteristics which allow them to be upgraded
- Examine the major methods of upgrading hematite and magnetite ores
- Compare the likely capital and operating costs of each upgrading process
- Review the factors which might lead to a successful project
- Compare practical processing projects from around the world
- This worshop is ideal for those who need to understand which features of an iron ore body are important from a processing and end-user perspective.
Venue The Westin Cape Town

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