Strengthening the Aged Care Workforce

Aug 21, 2013 to Aug 22, 2013

Location 207 Adelaide Terrace
Perth, WA, 6000, Australia
Cost $2999.00
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Knowing and showing that we’re making a real difference.


Social impact measurement matters because we care about delivering social outcomes that benet individuals, families and communities. We care about continuous improvement so that we can create social value eciently and we care about transparent reporting so that we can demonstrate social impact to our stakeholders.

Over the next few decades, social impact measurement will become increasingly important. We face the challenge of increasing the effectiveness of our work, to address increasingly complex issues, with decreasing resources. We believe that cross-sector collaboration is crucial to meet this challenge.

This conference brings together leaders from each sector in Western Australia to share how they, know and show, they’re making a real difference.



Standard price after19 July 2013: $2999.00
Register and Pay by21 June 2013: $2799.00
Register and Pay by 24 May 2013: $2699.00

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Venue Pan Pacific Perth

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