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mb Freelance Insurance

Health insurance, dental discounts, and discounted prescription drugs for freelancers

"Now that I will be saving $400.00 a month on my health insurance, the value I derive from has increased exponentially."

Jane Genova

Health Insurance

In New York

AvantGuild members in downstate New York can get access to great rates through our group plan!

In New Jersey
AvantGuild members in New Jersey can get access to great rates through our group plans!

Outside New York and New Jersey   
Members nationwide have a wide variety of choices for coverage from HSAs to PPOs!
Dental Plans (nationwide)
mb's dental plans will save you a bundle, for as little as $60/year.
Save Money on Your Medical Bills  
AvantGuild members can save 20% to 50% on almost any medical/dental bill – Expert negotiation – Risk free
AFLAC Accident and Cancer Indemnity Plans  
AvantGuild members can enroll in Accident and Cancer Indemnity Plans and receive cash benefits
Discount Prescription Drug Cards (nationwide)  
Sign up for a FREE prescription card that can save you 10% to 60% on most medications.
Pet Insurance (nationwide)  
Get a 5% discount on insurance to cover that special extra member of your family.
Geico Car Insurance  
AvantGuild members can now get Car Insurance at a discounted rate..