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Making a Career Move? Consider the ’30 Percent Solution’

successAccording to Lou Adler, author of The Essential Guide for Hiring & Getting Hired and creator of the Performance-based Hiring system, there’s a notion of the 30 percent solution when considering new job offers.

Per his post on LinkedIn, for a job opportunity to become truly viable for you to make the move, it must have at least a 30 percent increase over your current one. By increase he doesn’t mean salary alone. Yes, there should be a salary bump but that shouldn’t be the only reason for making the move nor should it comprise the entire 30 percent.

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Technical Writing May Offer a Secure Career Opportunity for the Working Writer

For the creative writer who enjoys writing lifestyle content or dreams of publishing her first novel, delving into the world of technical writing might seem, well, not so fun. However, writer Amanda Layman Low says that a technical writing position is not the “facepalm-migraine it sounds like” and recommends it as a lucrative career option for any writer.

In the past year, Layman Low dipped her toe into the field and eventually landed a full-time gig as a technical writer for a sales consulting company. Basically, she writes eLearning course material that teaches sales representatives how to sell software. Although it might sound dull, she says, there are plenty of reasons to jump on board, especially given the changing landscape of journalism. Unlike that uncertainty, “technical writing isn’t going anywhere,” said Layman Low. You have the security of knowing that companies will always be looking for writers of content for training, presentations and other corporate materials.

And the higher-than-average money she earns as a technical writer versus writing for other markets doesn’t hurt either. Layman Low says:

Do I think it’s fair that technical writers get paid more than some journalists and novelists? No. I don’t think technical or sales writing is intrinsically “worth” more than beautiful prose. But I won’t deny that the income eases a ton of the stressors of my past life.

For more on the advantages of a career as a technical writer, read: The Case for Breaking Into Technical Writing.

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Iced Coffee Kegs Cool Off Buzzfeed & Gawker Offices

coffee cupWant a morning cup of Joe? According to The New York Post, you can get that cup from a keg. Check that — a cup of iced coffee from a keg.

This is the brainchild of three brothers. David, Adam and Noah Belanich originally sold their concoction from a food truck and then expanded to businesses by delivering artisan coffee grounds, tea and 5-gallon kegs filled with concentrated cold-brew coffee. Once their coffee caught on, they eventually sold their food truck to set up a brick-and-mortar business by bringing coffee directly into offices.

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Summer Job Prospects Sizzle for Teens

flip flopsSummer’s officially here and if you have a teenager who’s just starting to look for a summer gig now, no worries there.

According to a report released by outplacement firm Challenger, Grey and Christmas,  “employment among 16- to 19-year-olds grew by 217,000 in May.”

In fact, they say teen employment will be strong throughout the summer. This bodes well for teens who need structure and need to simultaneously build a strong work ethic. Read more

CareerBuilder Survey Reveals Biggest Productivity Killers at Work

mobile phonesHow many times have you sat at your desk immersed in thought only to be interrupted by a ringing phone?

Well, CareerBuilder conducted a recent survey which points to the biggest productivity killers at the office.

Conducted from February through March and over 3,000 full-time employees and 2,000 hiring managers and human resources professionals, the study uncovered culprits at the office. The biggest one? Personal use of technology. Read more

How to Tell if Someone’s Not Paying Attention to You

listeningIf you’ve ever been in a meeting or even a conversation and as you’re talking you’re noticing the other person is mentally checked out, that’s one thing but other times it’s not so easy to tell when they’re zoned out.

Business Insider talked to Nick Morgan, speech coach and author of Power Cues, for tips. He explained: “Our colleagues and fellow workers nod and smile a lot to show they’re listening, but it’s not really happening.”  Read more

Three Hiring Tips for New Bosses

successIf you’re a new manager, congratulations! You now have more responsibilities, more visible opportunities and oh yes, a bigger paycheck.

If you’re in the position to make some hires, it’s not always wise to just go with your gut while making hiring decisions. Fortunately, there are several ways to get your recruiting mojo on to make a good move, according to a piece on Brazen Careerist. Read more

Serial Job Interviewer Provides Biggest Tip: Eye Contact

judgeA serial job interviewer opened up to The Wall Street Journal and after completing more than 100 job interviews between 2007 and 2013, she has a lot to say.

Sofia Faruqi mentions the number one body language tip is eye contact. During an interview, she says you want to maintain eye contact without being creepy. Read more

Three Ways to Become Less Busy

midnightAh, modern technology. We typically pride ourselves on multitasking, being productive and achieving more but at what cost?

A post on Harvard Business Review inspired us to stop and smell the roses. Greg McKeown writes, “Not only are we addicted to the drug of more, we are pushers too. In the race to get our children into ‘a good college’ we have added absurd amounts of homework, sports, clubs, dance performances and ad infinitum extracurricular activities. And with them, busyness, sleep deprivation and stress.”

In his post, he provides several reasons to become less busy. Pointing out the “more bubble” will burst, we’ll end up feeling our time on this planet has been squandered doing things that haven’t mattered.

He adds:

“A hundred years from now, when people look back at this period, they will marvel at the stupidity of it all: the stress, the motion sickness, and the self-neglect we put ourselves through.”

Here are his tips for living a life that matters… Read more

Texas Couple Quit Their Jobs & Traveled to 10 Countries on Tight Budget

globeHave you ever just wanted to quit your job and travel the world? We’ve all been there, felt that at some point to some extent, right?

Well, two years ago Olivia and Seth Hanson of Austin actually did it. According to Business Insider, she ditched her property management job and he left his role in banking. That’s not all: they sold their home in Austin and hopped on a plane for a six-month jaunt. For now we’ll have to live vicariously through their endeavors… Read more