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Four Questions For Founder Elina Furman

It seems like everyone in the e-mail shopping newsletter biz is making announcements this week, so we caught up with newsletter-for-moms founder Elina Furman to ask how her company’s reacting to the news that DailyCandy is shutting down seven of their 12 local editions.

DailyCandy isn’t your direct competitor, right? But this announcement has to affect you.
You know, it’s interesting. They have a kids edition. And in the memo, they said they’re going to be focusing on new initiatives, specifically the mom-as-woman and mom-as-mom market.

So they’re horning in.
I think they are. I think they’re seeing that the local expansions to smaller cities has not paid off in terms of local advertising, and obviously it takes a huge amount of resources to do these city editions.

We originally were thinking [ would do] a very aggressive regional expansion. And while we are still thinking of focusing on big cities, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, we’re also looking to go international, in London and maybe even in Australia. Focusing on really strong markets instead of getting really really specific.

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What’s The Future For E-mail E-Commerce?

thrillist.pngE-mail newsletter company Thrillist has more than doubled its revenue, to almost $10 million, and expects to double it again next year, Silicon Alley Insider reports. Staff is up to 45 full-timers. And is now operating in 13 cities.

Meanwhile, DailyCandy, the perhaps iconic e-mail newsletter company, just announced that it’s eliminating local editions for seven of its twelve cities and laying off five people starting January 1, 2010.

DailyCandy’s revenue last year was expected to hit $25 million. Ridiculous, 500% growth from 2003-2007. And now the company is “operating under substantial resource constraints.”

Last, Disney’s “Ideal Bite” newsletter and website is on “indefinite hiatus,” reports Peter Kafka at MediaMemo. The company’s employees will all be out of work by Wednesday, Dec. 9, except for co-founders Heather Stephenson and Jennifer Boulden, who will remain employed until March.

There was a time when sending out an e-mail was seen as easy money. Earlier this year, when Elina Furman launched, she told Folio: “If we have the same success [as DailyCandy], this equates to $10 of revenue and $4 of profit per subscriber. While we know that the relationship is probably not linear, it is nevertheless a very profitable market.”

Maybe not anymore.