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Job Market Hits Milestone as Per Department of Labor Statistics

Find a JobIt’s jobs report Friday! And that only means one thing. Data.

According to the latest job report released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the U.S. economy added 192,000 jobs in March and the unemployment remained flat at 6.7 percent.

This is actually a milestone because the private sector has apparently recovered all of the jobs that were lost in the meltdown better known as 2008. Considering this signals a labor market at its pre-recession point, according to a piece on CNN, this is good news indeed. Read more

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Department of Labor’s Monthly Jobs Report Reveals Decent News

megaphoneThree cheers for Friday! And the monthly jobs report from the U.S. Departmetn of Labor which marked an improvement from January.

As per CNN, the 175,000 new jobs last month topped economists’ anticipations. Considering the winter has been colder than normal, economists were expecting smaller numbers. It’s amazing how weather can impact the bottom line whether it’s closed offices or cancelled flights. Businesses can lose power, consumers may stay inside instead of eating out and your productivity may plummet as you temporarily “work” from home (and by that, we mean surfing social media).

In particular, for industries impacted by weather such as construction, numbers were surprisingly decent. Construction added 15,000 jobs whereas restaurants and bars added 20,100 jobs and education and health services added 33,000 new opportunities. Read more

ADP Report Reveals Slow Job Movement in February

ImproveJobProspectsThe monthly jobs report will be released this Friday by the Department of Labor but if ADP’s news is any indication, it won’t exactly be strong.

Per a private report based on various payrolls, companies apparently added less workers in February than experts initially projected. Read more

Department of Labor Releases Positive Job Report; Unemployment Rate Drops

2013What could be better than a Friday afternoon than one that heads into the weekend on a positive job note?

Employers added 203,000 jobs in November which exceeds the target of 180,000 anticipated by economists. As for the unemployment rate, well there’s reason for good cheer on that front as well. The unemployment rate dropped slightly to seven percent and the labor force participation rate increased a tiny bit to 63 percent. Read more

Monthly Jobs Report Reveals Slight Uptick in Unemployment

Job-SearchThe U.S. Department of Labor released its monthly job report this morning and although the unemployment rate increased to 7.3 percent, the good news is that employers have added 204,000 jobs.

This number of job addition was significantly higher than original estimates.

According to ABC News, economists surveyed prior to the report anticipated 120,000 added jobs and an unemployment rate of 7.3 percent. Read more

Delayed Monthly Jobs Report Reveals Dismal Numbers

job searchWe’re not big fans of promoting doom and gloom but alas, after today’s belated jobs report was issued, we’re not exactly kicking up our heels with excitement.

In September, employers added 148,000 jobs. Keep in mind economists were anticipating 180,000 jobs; that’s quite a difference! As for some slightly better news, the unemployment rate dropped to 7.2 percent. In August, the rate was 7.3 percent.

This report was long overdue since it’s original release date of October 4 was absent, courtesy of the government shutdown. Since last year, the economy has added an average of 185,000 brand new jobs each and every month.

As pointed out by Forbes, PNC senior economist Gus Faucher has indicated employment is rather flat; that is, down 1.8 million compared to its peak prior to the recession.

That said, the size of the labor force grew by 73,000 as more people are pounding the pavement looking for work. Furthermore, he mentioned this is “the right reason” for the unemployment rate to drop; the man may be onto something.

Bureau of Labor Statistics Will Not Issue Regularly Scheduled Monthly Jobs Report

job searchAlthough tomorrow marks the first Friday of the month, a certain je ne sais quoi will be missing.

And by that we mean the monthly jobs report.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics won’t be issuing its news. According to a piece in CNN, the Department of Labor spokesperson revealed the report hasn’t even been rescheduled for a later release date. Plus, he pointed to a “lapse in funding” as the main reason.

The government shut down doesn’t only impact the jobs report; candidates with visa situations in process are currently in a holding pattern, too.

Considering the first Friday of each month is known as “Jobs Friday,” it looks like tomorrow will experience a little void. Per the piece, economists were anticipating the uneployment rate to remain unchanged for September. So, we’ll have to see when the next report will actually be issued. Stay tuned…

August Job Report Reflects Weak Numbers

We try not to be doom and gloom here on a Friday afternoon but we just need to call it like we see it.

The Labor Department issued the monthly jobs report today and it appears that job growth is slowing down.

In August, 169,000 jobs were added and unemployment dropped to 7.3 percent. The numbers seem grim since a Bloomberg survey indicates economists were actually expecting a boost of 180,000 jobs. Unemployment was anticipated to remain steady at 7.4 percent. Read more

Unemployment Rate Increases Slightly in Monthly Jobs Report

It’s that time of month again! The first Friday of the month only means one thing: The monthly jobs report was issued by the Department of Labor and per the numbers,┬áthe unemployment rate rose from 7.5 percent to 7.6 percent. Employers added 175,000 jobs in May which was better than originally anticipated. As pointed out by USA Today, economists originally estimated the magic number was going to be 165,000 new jobs.

Technically, businesses added 178,000 jobs whereby federal, state and local governments cut 3,000. Job gains held steady in professional and business services, leisure and hospitality and retail. Read more

Government Issues Monthly Job Report; December Reflects Solid Hiring

Here’s some good news to end our short holiday week on a bright note. According to the monthly jobs report, U.S. employers added 155,000 jobs last month.

That said, the unemployment rate from December was 7.8 percent whereas the rate for November was updated to 7.8 from the original claim of 7.7 percent.

As for specific hiring itself, it appears the numbers reflected the manufacturing and construction industries. This can be attributed to Hurricane Sandy as well as a boom in building homes. Read more