We got our grubby hands on Vocus’s State of the Media report a couple days early, so if you’re interested in hearing what 2011 holds for media, read on.

  • In 2010 in the news”paper” world, 151 newspapers, mostly weekly, folded, while 724 news outlets, all but 36 belonging to Patch.com, launched. (That 151 number is about half of what it was in 2009, when more than 300 newspapers, including a number of once-prominent dailies, bit the dust.)

    That’s right: Patch started 688 sites in 2010, each with its own editor and staff of freelancers.

    Meanwhile, of the 36 non-Patch newspapers that launched, 18 were print products and the others were newspapers minus the paper, like the Connecticut Mirror, the Tuscon Sentinel, and the much-lauded Bay Citizen.

    Magazines, TV, and social media after the jump…
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