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Show Me the Money! Global Firm Predicts Raises in 2015

money bagsCha-ching!

We like the sound of that. Hay Group, a global management consulting firm, predicts salaries will be on the uptick around the world in the upcoming year.

Here’s the scoop — global pay should increase by 5.4 percent in 2015 which is higher than the 2014 increase of 5.2 percent. Take inflation into account though; in some regions the boost may not seem too significant. In reality, the Hay Group reveals an average income will grow by 1.4 percent. In North America the key number is an increase of .7 percent. Read more

Mediabistro Course

Mediabistro Job Fair

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And the Average Tech Intern at Twitter Earns…

moneyAs the hot topic of unpaid internships made their way to various lawsuits, there’s probably one group of interns that’s not complaining. As in the paid ones. Check that — the highly compensated ones!

According to a Business Insider piece, a Twitter intern earns the equivalent of…drumroll please…$81,000 per year! Data comes from Glassdoor’s various surveys to tech workers.  Read more

Whole Foods Lets Employees Look Up Everyone’s Salaries Plus Bonuses

moneyHave you ever wondered what your boss earns? The boss’s boss? Your colleagues? The guy in marketing you occasionally work with?

Well, if you work for supermarket chain Whole Foods, this is all completely transparent. Per a report on Fox News, the company says the policy creates openness. In turn, it creates competition.

The average hourly rate is $19 and the average annual salary is $39,000.

What do you think? Should your employer post everyone’s salaries or should that be confidential? Will you work harder as a result or become resentful? Hmmm…

CareerBuilder Compiles High Paying Jobs for 2014 (Media Gigs Noticeably Absent)

moneyThis year hasn’t even concluded yet but our eyes are laser light focused on the prize. As in, 2014!

A new CareerBuilder survey points to the most lucrative occupations in the new year and sadly, we couldn’t find media jobs among the top 10 contenders. Essentially, they worked with Economic Modeling Specialists International for hot jobs that pay well and are rapidly growing. Read more

TheLadders Survey Reveals Correlation Between Short Names & High Salaries

Let’s say your name is Robert. Maybe you should go by Bobby at work? Check that — why not Bob instead? According to a recent report released by TheLadders, the shorter the name, the better (when it comes to your wallet, that is).

Upon analyzing the first names of the site’s six million members against factors such as industry, salary level and location, their experts concluded a correlation between the number of letters in a name and actual salary ranges.

So, if you want to go by Bobby instead of Bob, it’ll cost you about $7,200. Here’s why: Every letter added to a name decreases a salary by $3,600. This could equate to almost $288,000 over a 40-year career for dear ol’ Bobmeister! Read more

Want to Talk Salaries Among Co-Workers? Just Say No

Have you ever wanted to have an open discussion with colleagues about their earnings and how your own salary compares?

(And if not, just go with us here on a Friday afternoon, ‘k?)

Caroline Ceniza-Levine, career expert and co-author of How the Fierce Handle Fear: Secrets to Succeeding in Challenging Times, told Fortune it’s not such a great idea. In fact, she compared it to dating in the workplace: ”You can always find examples where it’s a good idea. But for the most part, it ends badly. So you have to proceed with caution.”

Here’s why: Conversations may end badly and result in disappointment as well as lower job satisfaction. What happens if you find out your co-worker who has less tenure and/or experience is earning more money? She said you’ll likely feel worse about your job, situation and your manager, too. And consider the fact that you’ll still work with this person, you’ll probably have animosity and resentment. Read more

Reporters & Correspondents Among Forbes’ List of Surprisingly Low-Paying Jobs

Sorry to share some bleak news on a Monday but after we read this piece on Forbes about the most surprising low-paying jobs, we just had to share.

To clarify, by low-paying they’re referring to not only occupations that pay an annual salary less than $50,000. They also allude to jobs which make you turn heads wondering how they got on the list in the first place.

For starters, although reporters and correspondents are in the list with a mean annual income of $43,640, courtesy of data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there is some good news. Read more

Pay Gap Narrows for Female Editors

This just in…every year Folio releases an annual report on magazine salaries and although there’s certainly a gap between female and male editors, there is a bright side.

In one category specifically women are not only narrowing the gap, they’re kicking it to the curb altogether. As per the data, in 2008 the average salary for men with a title of editor or executive editor was $75,500.

As for women, the average salary in the same, let’s repeat it together now — the same, was $56,400. Read more