FishbowlDC’s intrepid intern Alec Jacobs attended the Kalb Report event last night at the National Press Club. ABC’s Diane Sawyer was the guest. “Diane Sawyer: A Life in News,” kicked off the International Women in Media Foundation’s week-long gathering in DC. Sawyer talked about what she reads, the worst part of her day and her dream interview (The Pope). And there’s this about Fox News:

“I watch Fox News…I think you can learn so much from the excitement of the people on Fox.” (Marvin) Kalb went on his usual diatribe about opinion journalism (it seems he does this on just about every edition of the program), to which Sawyer replied: “I think people can make their minds up. Don’t you think people know when they’re getting opinion?”

Kalb, a former CBS News correspondent, now a Fox News contributor, says he watches “all the time,” adding, “What I’m getting at is not really so much Fox News as it is opinion in the world of news.”

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