ware_12-11.jpgIn a 2,500-word enlightening, and ultimately haunting, profile of CNN’s Michael Ware, Men’s Journal’s Greg Veis gives readers a look at what the horror’s of war can do to a journalist on the frontlines.

“I am not the same fucking person,” Ware tells Veis. “I am not the same person. I don’t know how to come home.”

But he is now. And the self-described “war dog” is adjusting back to civilian life. Veis describes a video Ware shot after he volunteered to accompany the unit he was covering on a “terrifying,” pitch black, raid against insurgents in Fallujah.

The staff sergeant on that raid, David Bellavia, regards Ware as one of the Marines’ own. “I can’t stand the media, but I would go through hell with a bucket of gasoline for Michael Ware,” he says. “He goes through all the things we go through — 55 cigs a day, no sleep. And if we were allowed to drink, we’d drink as much as he does. When you look at him, you look into vacant eyes. He looks like my military friends do. He’s seen enough shit.”

There is just one mention of CBS’ Lara Logan in the piece, and it comes in one of the most revealing paragraphs. Click continued to see the passage…

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