The 2012 Peabody Award winners have been announced, and there are lots of winners from the world of TV news.

CNN is taking home three Peabodys, one for its coverage of last year’s Arab Spring uprising, another for “CNN Heroes” and the last for “Fareed Zakaria GPS.”

ABC News and Brian Ross received a Peabody for the investigative report looking into the Peace Corps, while the “CBS Evening News” and correspondent Clarissa Ward won a Peabody for her coverage of the Syrian uprising.

Al Jazeera English won a Peabody for its coverage of the Arab Spring uprisings, and the BBC won two awards, one for a documentary examining Somalia and a second for

As usual, plenty of entertainment programs won Peabodys as well, including “The Colbert Report,” “Portlandia,” “Parks & Recreation,” “Homeland,” “Game of Thrones” and “Jeopardy!”

“The range of the Peabody Awards’ search for excellence has never been wider or deeper than this year,” said Horace Newcomb, Director of the Peabody Awards in a statement. “Local news organizations covered stories with international import as well as those significant within their communities. Documentaries and news reports on issues missed or overlooked by big organizations were available on websites. Comedians engaged in political actions. Radio proved again the power of the individual human voice. Drama took on issues of power and control. Images of disaster appeared alongside images of hope and freedom.”

The full winners list, after the jump.

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