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Female Lego Scientists Tweet Their Academic Challenges – and It’s Hilarious

Female Lego Academics Are All the Rage on Twitter

Lego scientists have issues with their footnotes, too, it seems, and Twitter can sympathize. The latest account to sweep the Twitter-sphere documents the trials and tribulations of female academics – Lego style.

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100 Years Later, Twitter Account Reenacts WWI

100 Years Later, Twitter Account Reenacts WWI

One hundred years ago, on June 28th 1914, World War One began with the assassination of the Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand. To ensure we remember the sacrifices, hardships and historical significance of that time, a group of students has created a Twitter reenactment of the first Great War.

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Tune Into This Twitter Feed For Your Daily Dose Of Cinematography

Tune Into This Twitter Feed For Your Daily Dose Of Cinematography

When people are eventually won over to Twitter, it’s because they find a feed that they just can’t miss. Sometimes it’s a favorite singer, writer or news source. Other times it can be more unique, like Fake Seinfeld or today’s example: Perfect Shots.

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Photoshopped, Uncredited Pictures Are Being Called Out On Twitter By @PicPedant

Fake, Photoshopped Pictures Are Being Called Out On Twitter By @PicPedant

With about a billion tweets sent every two days, it’s easy for a photo to go viral and be passed around the world in a matter of minutes. However, this speed of information is a double-edged sword – these photos are often unsourced or completely fake. So how do you know if what you’re passing around is really an adorable kitten, or just a great photoshop job? Ask @PicPendant.

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13 Animals With Twitter Accounts Worth Following

To the amusement of some and eye-rolling of others, animals and social media are a match made in puppy love heaven, with star pooches, rabbits, cats, and the like often racking up more followers and buzz than their human counterparts.

To wit: this infographic created by Peter Brown on behalf of Edgemere equestrian supplies shop, which takes a look at animals’ domination of social networks and why it’s happening.

Maybe there’s something we can actually learn from social media-active animals: keep your tweets short, to-the-point, and adorable.

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Daily Beast Anoints Best Twitter Feeds Of 2013

The Daily Beast has released its BeastBest Awards, a selection of 82 websites and 95 Twitter feeds hand-picked by the editors.

Each winner includes a photo or sample tweet, description, and link. You can also sort by genre – news, politics, parody, style, books, entertainment, etc.

In short, it’s a major time-killer – in the best way.

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There’s A Twitter Account For Everything, Including @TeaPuns

One outcome of the democracy that is Twitter is the existence of accounts like this one: @TeaPuns, whose followers are treated to just that – puns about all things tea, in addition to the occasional non-humorous, tea-related tidbit.

The account’s “name” is “‘Sup, Brew?” and is based on a Tumblr,

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@HonestToddler Voices The Inner Thoughts Of A Mischievous Child

If you’re a parent, you will flip for this Twitter account.

If you’re not, you will flip for this Twitter account – and decide to push back your child-rearing timeline by a few years.

@HonestToddler, a Twitter account-turned-book, illustrates the detailed daily inner thoughts of a toddler. And the results are pretty hilarious.

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Controversial Question: What Should Be Done With This Twitter Account?

Just when you thought every great Twitter handle HAS to be taken, someone finds another one that you wish you’d thought of first.

And the folks who found THIS one are asking for your help, as they’re . . . controversial.

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@HuffPoSpoilers Gives In To Huffington Post Click-Bait So You Don’t Have To

Alex Mizrahi, part-time community manager at Brooklyn cocktail bar Tooker Alley and recent freelance producer of the Shorty Awards, found a little something extra to occupy him in his spare time.

He created @HuffPoSpoilers, a hilarious Twitter account that “give[s] in to @HuffingtonPost click-bait so you don’t have to.”

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