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Mary C. Long

Mary is co-editor for All Twitter and a contributing writer for Social Times. Find her on Twitter @MaryCLong

Who Cares About Twitter Co-Founder, Jack Dorsey’s Love Life? You do!

Twitter’s co-founder Jack Dorsey has a little problem: he can’t stay out of the public eye. It’s one of those billionaire problems you’ll never understand.

And this is one of those ‘invasion of privacy’ posts you’ll hate yourself for reading.

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Add Offerpop To Your List Of Twitter Certified Partners

Twitter launched its certified products program last August with the goal of bringing “some of the most innovative products and services from Twitter developers to businesses and organizations that need them most.”

This came after throwing a slew of third party developers to the wolves like discarded medieval scraps, so the move was met with muted enthusiasm.

But for those lucky few to be initially selected, it was (and still is) a time to of plenty. And you can now add Offerpop to that list of winning products. You’ll be happy you did.

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Your Geotagged Tweets Feed Twitter’s Visual Insights Team’s Fetish

Did you know the Visual Insights team at Twitter is “obsessed with the patterns that emerge from aggregated tweets over time?” Well, they are.

That explains (to those of us who are paranoid) why the “tweet location” option keeps mysteriously activating itself despite pointed attempts to disable it permanently.

And . . . there’s more.

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Twitter Experiencing Hiccups Today; Engineers Busy Burping It

Yes, Twitter has been up down and all around today. Moving sloooow for many and completely offline (for a little bit) for others.

If you’d read our other post, you knew (immediately) when Twitter was down today. If you didn’t, you may have panicked and thought the Syrian Electronic Army scored big.

But not today, SAE! Not . . . yet.

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Twitter Music Home Page: Desperately Seeking Relevance

Twitter Music launched strong and took a nosedive, but it’s still clawing for air, apparently.

It has redone its landing page, giving it a fresh coat of paint consisting of alternating images that appear to be taken from album covers.

But can anything really save it from irrelevance?

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Twitter Careers: New Jobs Posted At Twitter This Week

This continues our series highlighting new positions posted at Twitter each week. Check out past listings here.

This week, Twitter added 19 new jobs to its career page.

And here they are:

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#EvianBabyAndMe Brings Out The Baby In You [VIDEO]

Love babies? Who doesn’t, really – except maybe cats (babies pull tails and compete with cats for Internet supremacy).

People are sharing their #EvanBabyAndMe pics on Twitter and we thought you’d want to be among the first to get in on the fun. You know, before it goes all Harlem Shake and everyone’s doing it – followed by The Today Show a week later.

Oh and there’s video of babies dancing here that you won’t want to miss! Perfect Friday entertainment.
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Apple Is Twitter’s Everything [VIDEO]

In his 1:1 at All Things D this week, Twitter’s CEO was asked about his (Twitter’s) interactions with other tech companies. Are they friends?

Spoiler alert! No.

But Apple is different, Apple is . . . Twitter’s everything.

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Twitter Makes It Easier Than Ever To Ditch The Egg Avatar [VIDEO]

You know a picture is worth a thousand tweets, right? Well it is.

And if the first picture folks are seeing from YOU is that ridiculous egg avatar, you’ll be facing an uphill battle against absurdity to counter that negative impression.

Wouldn’t it be better to update your profile images to something a bit less spammy ahead of that? Twitter thinks so. And they’ve made it easier than ever to update those pics.

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Twitter Talks Trust And Simplicity

Whenever Dick Costolo speaks, people find deeper meaning in it. Maybe that’s why he likes to stay on point and keep things simple – minimalistic. You know, kind of like how he envisions Twitter running.


Yes, the platform that has added Vine, Music and advertising/social TV enhancements up the wazoo sees its efforts as working toward paring the service down.

Maybe they’ll get a reality show to cover this transformation, like Breaking Amish, but opposite.

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