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How To Buy Friends And Influence People: The Going Rate For Fake Followers On Social Media

The “fake followers” epidemic has been a problem on Twitter for some time – and it’s well-documented here on All Twitter – but did you realize the trend of trading cash for social media currency is prevalent across all networks?

These days, you can pay for just about any symbol of popularity on social, from Facebook likes to Pinterest repins to YouTube views.

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Why Promoting Your Account Is A Better Idea Than Buying Followers

If you’ve ever considered purchasing a bulk order of followers to beef up your Twitter presence, we have another alternative for your to consider: promoting your account.

Why consider this? Outside of being laughed out of the virtual room once your account’s “Fake Followers” are exposed, promoting your account won’t put your Twitter in jeopardy if you get caught.

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A Seller Speaks: The Secrets Of Buying Fake Twitter Followers

It is surprisingly easy for anyone to get 10,000 Twitter followers in a matter of days. All they have to do is sign up on a nefarious looking website, pay about a hundred bucks, and watch their follower count explode.

Now, we’re not fans of buying Twitter followers here on AllTwitter, as a lot of the activity behind it conflicts with Twitter’s Rules. But it is a fascinating, if illegitimate, phenomenon, and a Twitter follower seller has just revealed some of the tricks of the trade.
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How Easy Is It To Buy Fake Followers On Twitter? [INFOGRAPHIC]

If you’re impressed by the tens of thousands of followers that “social media guru” who just followed you has amassed, you might want to consider this: up to 30 percent of her followers could be fake.

The “fake followers” epidemic has been a problem on Twitter for some time, but it’s only in the past few weeks that it’s reached epic proportions.
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Why Buying Followers And Retweets Doesn’t Work

You may have seen the offers in your DM box or your timeline: “Buy 10,000 Twitter followers now!” and “We’ll get you 200 retweets instantly!” Offers like these pop up in the Twitterverse from time to time, and if you have a nose for it, you’ll likely notice that they’re in the too-good-to-be-true category of things.

Buying followers or retweets doesn’t work on Twitter, plain and simple. You won’t find “instant success” through black-hat methods like this – you’re actually more likely to damage your Twitter reputation and destroy a perfectly good account.
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Want More Followers? Twitter Might Be Able To Help You… For A Price

This is all hearsay and rumour at the moment, but then most of these kinds of things involving Twitter usually are. How far back was it that we started hearing about premium accounts?

Anyway, according to Peter Kafka (@pkafka) at AllThingsD, there’s a chance that Twitter could be planning to offer a variation on its Promoted Tweets feature to common or garden users such as you and I.

According to Kafka:

People familiar with the company’s plans say it has been discussing yet another revenue generator: Think of it as a “Promoted Tweeter” product, which highlights specific user accounts, designed to bump up follower counts.

My sources weren’t sure about the business model behind the product, which may be because Twitter itself doesn’t know yet. Some obvious possibilities: Twitter could charge users based on the number of followers they acquired, or simply based on the exposure their Twitter accounts received.

Twitter’s spokesman Sean Garrett (@SG) stated via email, somewhat vaguely:

“We will eventually have full suites of both promoted and commercial products. All the components of these two buckets of product have yet to be determined. Some are currently being tested publicly now. Some will be tested soon. Some are just ideas that we are broaching externally for feedback.”

It’s very debatable how much value something like this would bring. Of course, make this cheap enough and the spammers, mass-marketers and churners would likely be all over a product like this.

But for everybody else the very concept of paying for followers, even indirectly, goes against everything that makes Twitter work – being remarkable, engaging with others and ensuring your network remains optimised as much as possible.

Of course, Twitter’s suggested user list essentially gave this opportunity to lots of high-profile celebrities and brands for free, and many benefited from this with millions of followers, almost overnight. And while there has definitely been a value there for some, the quality of those followers is considered to be fairly low.

And this was when they didn’t cost a penny. Put a price on that – assuming you can – and that quality is likely to dip even further. It could work like Google Adwords, where you only pay Twitter for each person who clicks on your promotional tweet and/or becomes a follower, but that in no way guarantees any kind of quality.

More importantly, for many Twitter is still seen as a numbers game – the person with the most followers wins. By adding a business model to that the company is basically telling the world that that’s exactly what it is.