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Twitter Sees 155 Million Tweets Per Day [Stats]

In honor of a stellar Q1, the Twitter PR account has tweeted some pretty cool stats showing just how much growth Twitter has seen in recent months. And the coolest stat? There are now 155 million tweets being sent out into the ether every single day.
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Twitter By The Numbers – One Billion Tweets Per Week, 460,000 New Accounts Per Day, 400 Employees

A nice summary over on the official Twitter blog that details how Twitter has grown since inception – and even in the last month.

Highlights include:

  • It took Twitter a total of 3 years, 2 months and 1 day to reach one billion tweets. It now sees that number each and every week.
  • When Michael Jackson died, Twitter set a record of 456 TPS, or tweets per second (I remember it well, as I was one of the first to break the news). Shortly after midnight on New Year’s Day in Japan, Twitter raised this mark to 6,939 TPS.
  • Twitter is now seeing an average of 460,000 new users signing up each day – or just under 14 million on a typical month. The record was set on Saturday, March 12, when 572,000 new profiles were added. At this pace, Twitter will double in size in just over a year.
  • As I’ve documented before, Twitter now has 400 employees. Three years ago, it had 8.

Good, clean, interesting statistics. But as AllThingsD observes, once again Twitter has denied us the information that we desire the most – the total number of users. Or specifically, the total number of active users. Facebook is always very forthcoming with this information, so I guess we have to assume that either (a) Twitter’s numbers are never as good as we might expect, (b) they’re really into this whole mystery thing or (c) the user statisticians are trapped under something heavy.

Whatever the reason, it’s getting a little bit old. Part of me is hoping for a buyout just so we can get some actual data.

(Source: Twitter blog.)

Tweet Less (And With Greater Focus) To Gain More

I’m not one for New Year’s resolutions but around Christmas last year I decided I wanted to make a greater effort with Twittercism in 2011.

In short, I wanted to:

  • Publish at least one blog post every single day
  • Re-focus my personal Twitter account (@Sheamus) so it’s more about Twitter and social media in general

Previously on Twitter I would share interesting links throughout the day – these could be about anything. The only real criteria was that my followers would find the content of interest. This output peaked in May 2009 at 2,831 tweets for the month, or a somewhat heady 91 per day.

Madness. I got a lot of retweets, but ultimately one has to ask: to what end?

I’d already slowed this down in 2010 to about 30 per day (on average), but this still felt like too much. My follower count on Twitter was stuck at about 4,750 for months. I felt like it was never going to go much above that – any time it tried, it quickly returned to this equilibrium. Essentially, Twitter was telling me this is who I was.

Last month I published just 164 tweets, or 5.29 per day.

This happened almost by accident. Yes, I’d made the conscious decision to cut down, but by re-aligning my focus onto just a few specific topics (as opposed to anything that I thought my followers might find interesting) some important things happened:

  1. My daily tweet average dropped significantly
  2. My follower count rose considerably
  3. I suddenly had a lot more free time… to write about Twitter (plus some other less important things, like spending time with family, work, sleeping etc)

Take a look at this chart:

After being stuck in a follower rut for what felt like forever, my numbers suddenly started to rise. And kept on going – I’ve gained over 200 followers in about four weeks. Of course, this is too early to tell if it’s the beginning of a new trend that will continue indefinitely, but it’s made such an immediate difference that it’s definitely worth observing.

Other factors have helped as well – blogging daily has definitely made a difference. And because I’m tweeting less any links I share hang around longer, which means they’re more likely to be seen (and not eclipsed by the next link). Moreover, links I share back to this blog (which I do twice a day) also benefited from this considerably – pageviews were up over 50% in January.

Whatever works for you, works for you. This works for me, and if you’re looking to add followers or improve your social standing on Twitter, cutting back and/or re-focusing might be exactly what your profile needs. At the very least it’s worth a bit of experimentation. There’s a magic number out there for everybody – you just have to find it.

Twitter – Know Your Limits

Twitter enforces various limitations on the things you can do within the social network. This includes the amount of characters you’re allowed in a tweet, the length of your userrname, and how many people you’re able to follow before somebody on the other end goes, “Whoa.”

Some of these limits are well known; others, less so. I thought it would be fun to group them all together via the power of the infographic, which I’d like to share with you below.

Twitter - Know Your Limits

(This is my very first infographic, so be kind. If you’re curious about what some of these statements mean, read the official word from Twitter here and here.)

Twitter Now Seeing 50 Million Tweets Per Day (Or A Less Impressive 0.67-2.00 Per User)

An interesting update over on the official Twitter blog, where analytics lead Kevin Weil looks at the growth of the network over the past three years in terms of numbers of tweets per day.

Twitter Now Seeing 50 Million Tweets Per Day (Or A Less Impressive 0.67-2.00 Per User)

Kevin notes that all accounts identified as spam have been removed from this data, which makes the results even more impressive.

On a year-by-year basis, Kevin notes that Twitter has grown from just 5,000 tweets per day in 2007, to 35 million in 2009, and 50 million as of January this year.

Twitter has a habit of flat-lining pretty quickly after stellar growth, but given we’ve already seen a 43% rise in daily tweets in just a couple of months, and 200% since July, it doesn’t seem too fantastical to set a target of 100 million tweets per day before the end of the year. That’s 1,200 per second, if you’re counting.

Perhaps less impressively – assuming my estimations of 25 million active and bonafide users are accurate – that’s just four per profile, per day. Which equates to only two per day, at the current levels. If the active user numbers are as high as 75 million as some have suggested, that would mean just 1.33 tweets per day per person to hit the magic hundred. Given I do forty or so per day myself, I’m pretty sure that between us we can cope, even if a bunch of you continue taking a siesta.

Of course, if Twitter would actually release the active user data, that would make crunching these numbers just that little bit easier. All this guesswork is getting just a wee bit tiresome.