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Archives: March 2013 Reveals Survey Results: How We Waste Time at Work just released their results to their annual survey, Wasting Time at Work. The numbers tell all: About 69 percent of the 1,000 employees in the survey indicated they have indeed wasted time at work. This is up from 64 percent last year.

Approximately one-third of respondents revealed they waste 30 minutes or less each day whereas almost one-quarter indicated they waste between 30 and 60 minutes each day. About 11 percent claimed they waste a few hours of non-work things each day. Scary stat, huh?

Lastly, about 10 percent ‘fessed they never waste time during the day. Really?  Read more

How to Deal With a New Boss & Your Reliable Work From Home Arrangement

Here’s the situation: Let’s just say you were hired under the condition that you were going to be able to work from home. A lot. Each and every day. Whatever the conditions, they were specifically outlined in your offer letter.

You’ve proven yourself, you’ve remain connected with the home office and you’ve been downright productive the past few years. Bam! You’ve been introduced to a new boss.

If the boss wants to end your work from home situation that has been working pretty well up until now, listen up. You may want to start looking for a new job. Read more’s Boss Button Disguised as In-Box

The NCAA knows a thing or two about their tournament and how avid fans and the happily employed stay abreast of the games during office hours.

As such, there’s the convenient boss button which was apparently spawned in 2006!

So, if you hear footsteps of your boss down the hall and want to look like you’re working instead of checking out how your brackets are doing, the nifty button takes you back to the main page of March Madness. Read more

Five Ways to be Amazing at Your Job

Amazing. That word has a lot of weight, doesn’t it? Outstanding. Incredible. Out of this world!

Well, if you want to hit the ball out of the park each and every day, there are a few ways you, too can be oh-so-amazing.

According to a post on Inc., there are several things you can do. And it’s not just to get promoted or with an end goal in sight of a fatter pay check. Instead, you should strive for this level of excellence while detaching from the outcome. The results may be even far reaching than you would have imagined in the first place. Read more

Haven’t Heard Back From an Employer? You’re Among 75 Percent of Jobseekers

Have you ever submitted your resume online only to never hear from the company? Or maybe you’ve been interviewing and haven’t heard about the status of your candidacy.

According to a CareerBuilder survey, approximately 75 percent of jobseekers who applied to jobs last year using a variety of sources didn’t end up hearing from the potential employer. Read more

Five Things Successful People Do Which May Surprise You

Okay, so you’ve probably heard the expression that if you keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll get the same results. Why not shake things up a bit?

Jason Nazar writes in a Forbes piece, “Sometimes you have to know when to zig where others zag.”
In fact, he’s picked up some counterintuitive lessons along the way from successful people.
1. Isolate Yourself. How many times have you been caught up in the cycle of working tooth and nail to realize you need to take a break. By yourself. He writes, “Many seemingly extroverts are introverts.  If you recharge when by yourself, you need to seek out isolation from time to time.” Read more

Former Mayor Koch Bequeaths $100,000 to Loyal Secretary

And now for something completely different. When we heard about this, it made us think how co-workers truly become like family members.

Case in point: Before New York City’s former mayor Edward Koch passed away, he wanted to gift his secretary of almost four decades!

Sure, his sister’s three sons stand to inherit a sizable piece of his $10 million fortune as per his will but his admin assistant, Mary Garriganwill also receive a gift from her former boss. Read more

Antoine Fuqua: My First Big Break

If you’re looking to start a career, change careers or just feel like you’ve hit a plateau in your current career take five minutes and let Antoine Fuqua give you some inspiration.

Fuqua sat down with mediabistroTV and told the crew how his journey started when he was in the wrong place at the wrong time in his hometown of Pittsburgh, PA. He sprinkled in some college basketball, a little Caravaggio, some Akira Kurosawa and a few rap music videos and never quit chasing his dream.

Now, the director of the new action film “Olympus Has Fallen” is one of Hollywood’s premiere action film directors. But how he got there is a lesson even the best self-help guru can’t teach.

Fuqua’s latest movie, “Olympus Has Fallen” opens in theaters March 22.

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The True Cost of March Madness to Employers: $134 Million!

Ah, it’s that time of year again. The first day of spring and of course, March Madness!

Chances are, by now you’ve already completed your brackets and while employees compete during the tourney, it turns out the NCAA men’s basketball romp will cost U.S. employers a ton of lost wages this week.

In fact, Challenger, Gray & Christmas, outplacement firm, indicated the three week tournament will cost employers a loss of $134 million in the first two days alone!  About one to three hours are spent at work watching games and two-thirds of all employees will follow the games during work hours. Read more

Three Ways to Handle Inflexibility From Your Boss

We’ve seen it all too often. You’re slaving away at the desk in the morning and your boss strolls into the office an hour later. Or you’re told you can’t telecommute as your boss takes a conference call from home.

What can you do when it’s a situation of “do what I say, not what I do?”

According to CareerBuilder, there are a few ways to handle the inflexibility. For starters, Alan Guinn, CEO and managing director of The Guinn Consultancy Group, recommends holding a meeting.

That’s right, sit down with that supervisor of yours to talk about your performance and expectations. Try not to look at what she doesn’t do but focus on everything you’re doing right.   Read more