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Thursday, Jun 30

Morning Media Newsfeed 06.30.11

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Networks Swoon Over Casey Anthony Trial To Fill Summer Void (Yahoo! News / The Cutline)
As coverage of the Casey Anthony murder trial moves into its fifth week, several television networks, led by ABC and HLN, have used the case to fill what would ordinarily be the start of a slow, post-Weinergate summer news cycle. Nieman Journalism Lab: WESH-TV, the NBC affiliate in Orlando, Fla., launched a 99-cent iPhone app for trial updates. And at a time when even the strongest newspapers and broadcasters typically offer their apps free-of-charge, WESH's paid app appears to be a big success.

Anderson Cooper On His Upcoming Syndicated Show: 'This Is Not A News Program' (TVNewser)
CNN anchor Anderson Cooper participated in a keynote discussion at the Promax/BDA conference in New York Wednesday, where he said that despite his hard-news pedigree, his new show will not be a news show. TVNewser: Former NBC Universal CEO Jeff Zucker talked with CNN anchor and business correspondent Ali Velshi about the origins of MSNBC's partisan primetime slant, whether viewers get it, and whether it hurts the NBC News brand. Later, Cooper spoke to The Early Show's Erica Hill about his thoughts on Fox News and MSNBC. TVNewser: Zucker was mum about details when it came to the new ABC talk show to be hosted by former Today and CBS Evening News anchor Katie Couric, but he still addressed what he and Couric believed the program should focus on. B&C: "It will be what people have missed for a long time, the Katie [from Today]," he said. "She's big enough to have fun and be serious, all in one show. That's really what you'll see. That's what her brand is." FishbowlLA: Zucker's handling of Conan O'Brien's Tonight Show and Jay Leno's 10 p.m. show came up, and he stood firm on the matter, saying that they made the right decision: "What I regret is that neither show worked. That is really what happened, neither show worked. So we had to make a decision on how to fix both. I think we went with the one that we thought would attract the largest audience, and the broadest viewership. I think we were borne out to be right about that."

How Glenn Beck Became The Most Powerful (And Notorious) Man On Television (Business Insider / The Wire)
Thursday is Glenn Beck's last day at Fox News. His time there, while brief -- actually only 29 months -- has unquestionably left a huge impact (the man can't even go to Bryant Park without causing a national incident). Yahoo! News / The Cutline: The charged culture-war encounter was fitting fodder for the last days of Beck's Fox News career, which draws to a close Thursday. After the final credits roll on the Fox franchise Beck has anchored since January 2009, the conservative commentator will officially be able to create some distance between himself and the political, cultural, and media cognoscenti of the city where he's lived and worked as an outsider for the past five-and-a-half years. TVNewser: Beck's final Fox News show is set for Thursday. And now we know what's coming next. This Friday at 5 p.m. ET, Fox News will run John Stossel special What's Great About America. After that…more Beck.

Are Erin Burnett Show Job Postings Clues To Her CNN Time Slot? (TVNewser)
As Erin Burnett prepares to make her debut on CNN, one major question remains to be answered: Where on the network's programming lineup will she be seen?

CNN's Ted Rowlands Heads To Chicago (TVNewser)
Veteran CNN correspondent Ted Rowlands is on the move. Rowlands, who got his start with CNN in the San Francisco bureau in 2004 before moving to Los Angeles, has been named Chicago correspondent for the network. TVSpy: Rowlands is the first full-time correspondent for CNN in Chicago in nearly two years, since Susan Rosegen, now with WGNO in New Orleans, was let go from the network.

Greta Infuriated By White House Pooler's Report (FishbowlDC)
After White House reporter Carrie Budoff Brown issued pool report No. 5 Tuesday afternoon that included news of a bystander in Iowa holding up a sign that read, "Welcome Chocolate Obama," Fox News Channel's Greta Van Susteren fired back with outrage.

AP To Open North Korean Bureau (B&C)
The Associated Press has inked two memos of understanding and a contract with the Korea Central News Agency that will expand AP's access in North Korea and lead to the opening of an AP news bureau in the country's capital, Pyongyang. HuffPost: North Korea, a totalitarian country ranked near the bottom in the world on the press freedom index, presents one of the toughest challenges for journalists.

Next Issue Media Works To Build The Storefront Before The Audience Arrives (paidContent)
Magazine joint venture Next Issue Media is adding six titles to its digital storefront on the Google Android-powered Samsung Galaxy as it unveils an integrated app that allows users to keep their digital reads from any participating magazine in a single place.

Tina Brown Defends Photoshopping Princess Di Onto Newsweek Cover (Yahoo! News / The Cutline)
One of the reasons Tina Brown and Barry Diller acquired Newsweek and its substantial debt earlier this year was desire of Brown -- former editor of Vanity Fair and The New Yorker -- to be part of what she calls "the conversation." This week, she not only took part in the conversation; she became a good bit of it. FishbowlNY: Did anyone think that the creepy "Diana at 50″ Newsweek cover, featuring a photoshopped image of what Princess Diana would look like at age 50, was a good idea?

Birthers Sue Esquire Over Parody, Seeking More Than $200 Million (Forbes / Mixed Media)
Joseph Farah and Jerome Corsi have some pretty interesting beliefs. They believe there's no proof President Barack Obama was born in Hawaii. They also believe Hearst Corp. and a writer it employs ought to pay them hundreds of millions of dollars for making fun of them for believing that first part. Adweek: "Birther" proponents continued to bang the drum against Obama Wednesday at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., as they unveiled a $30 million defamation lawsuit against Esquire magazine over an article that said they'd abandoned their cause and backed away from a book supporting their theory.

Howard Stern And Sirius XM Disagree Over Facts In Lawsuit (RBR-TVBR)
As you would expect, Howard Stern and his agent, Don Buchwald, are opposing the motion by Sirius XM to have a New York court throw out their lawsuit seeking additional payments under the five-year contract that already paid them over $600 million.

What The Media Gets Wrong About Huntsman (Daily Beast)
According to the conventional wisdom peddled by the major media, Jon Huntsman's emphasis on civility in his nascent presidential campaign counts as admirable but ill-advised.

Randy Falco Upped To CEO Of Univision (TVNewser)
Former NBC and AOL executive Randy Falco has been upped to president and CEO of Univision. AdAge / Hispanic: Univision named Falco president and CEO, effective immediately, ending speculation about who would lead the company following Joe Uva's surprise exit at the end of March. B&C: Falco assumed the role of executive vice president and chief operating officer in early 2011, overseeing all revenue functions for Univision. Previously, he held the positions of chairman and CEO at AOL. Falco's timing was impeccable -- and intriguing. His recruitment in January suggested that the company felt the need to bolster its management roster, and Uva announced his resignation two months later. Now Falco has his former boss' job. THR: Falco: "The challenges going forward are ensuring that all the constituencies, mostly the advertisers and the distributors, really understand the power and the influence of the Hispanic market and the Hispanic viewer and consumer. 50 million Hispanics, one in six Americans, can no longer be ignored."

Awl Publisher David Cho Heeds The Call Of Grantland (NY Observer)
David Cho is stepping down from his position as publisher of The Awl. He is relocating to Los Angeles Sunday to work for Bill Simmons at Grantland, he told friends in a mass email. AdAge / Digital: Cho: "I've always been a huge fan of Bill's, and this is a unique opportunity, having the support of ESPN and Bill at the forefront. Grantland can hopefully change the way people monetize content and value content."

Undercover Cameras Bust Chris Hansen Having An Affair With WPTV Reporter Kristyn Caddell (TVSpy)
Chris Hansen, best known for his "To Catch a Predator" series on Dateline NBC, has reportedly been caught by undercover cameras cheating on his wife with WPTV reporter Kristyn Caddell, who is 20 years his junior.

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