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Why Skills Based Training is a Good Move

Identifying ways to enhance the professional skills needed to advance your career

Your job is changing. If it’s not changing now, it will change in the very near future.

Almost all companies rely on a digital way of branding and commerce, even if they are not inherently digital products.

Journalists are not only responsible for writing, but they’re also expected to know the data and optimization behind their content. Marketers too are evaluated by their analytical skills and social media savvy. A brand marketer who has climbed the ranks as an expert could suddenly find herself face to face with the brand’s fledgling Facebook community and tasked with developing the strategy to save it.

Much of professional learning is on the job—we get thrown into scenarios, and we are asked to spin gold from thin air—but there is a way to learn before your feet are in the fire.

Enter online skills-based learning—short courses that teach working professionals new trends and new information within their job function. Professional skills training is becoming a popular option for learning and a new access point to acquire targeted skills. It’s a down-and-dirty way to learn what you need, right when you need it.

The choices are plentiful and range from free, 5-minute videos on YouTube to multi-week intensives that can cost as much as $10,000. What you choose can depend on how deep you want to go or how much time and money you are comfortable investing. While there is plenty of free information out there, much of it can be generic, untargeted or produced by non-reputable sources.

Even courses that cost money can be questionable; many providers of online training videos aren’t involved in the development of course content and allow anyone to create and post a course for sale.

So what’s the middle ground for someone who wants quality content but doesn’t want to invest in a comprehensive program? The answer: on demand, self-paced courses taught by pros whose day jobs are in the topic areas which they teach.

On-demand courses enable working professionals—whose resumes already have some heft—to elevate themselves in their current role or pivot to an entirely new one, without the time and money of a long program.

Before you enroll, ask yourself a few questions:

  • Will this course give me the information and tactical skills that I need in my work? (hint: check the syllabus or course description carefully)
  • How much money am I comfortable spending on a single course? (pro-tip: signup for newsletters to get discounts)
  • Who is leading the course? (Read instructor bios to learn about their experience)
  • How much time am I willing to devote to this? (1 hour, 3 hours? 2 weeks?)
  • What name would I trust to provide me with relevant, accurate information?

Mediabistro offers on-demand training for the top skills needed in digital media. All courses are developed and led by professionals with current working expertise. Mediabistro thoroughly evaluates the credentials of our instructors and works closely with them to develop the content and structure of the course.

Ultimately, opting for additional training in your field gives you an edge—it’s a smart, strategic approach to managing your career. On-demand courses are designed for busy professionals that already have the experience and simply want to add a layer of expertise to move up.

Check out Mediabistro’s on demand course library, available for as low as $49 per course. New courses are added monthly to keep up with the rapid pace of change in digital media.

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