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Wednesday, Nov 28

mbTweets: 11.28.12


@mediabistro #mbchats "Journalists are not merely purveyors of facts." Do you agree? (via @Poynter)

@ricardopieterse No I disagree. I'm a Journalism student and we act according to our ethics. No one is perfect. We all bias in one or other way

@slaros64 YES ! Anyone can witness/tweet an event. Journalists 'work between the crowd and the alogrithm..'

@SonjaYoerg If they were, it would be a start.

@Tomoshiga Journalists are thought-provokers! <3

@AndyMedici We are more than "purveyors of facts." We are people with hopes and dreams. We are more than the sum of our column inches.

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