With another Super Bowl in the history books and the Packers bringing the trophy back to Titletown, all that’s left to do of course is to review the big game’s advertising, most of which unfortunately made a strong case for TiVo usage. Still, there were a few bright spots in between Christina Aguilera‘s butchering of the national anthem and the post-game celebration (including the already overexposed VW/Vader ad), some more for their controversial nature, and others for just bringing us some brief entertainment value besides the Black Eyed Peas (kidding).

So, out of curiosity, we tapped a few industry folks to get their picks of the best, worst and middle-of-the-road entries in this year’s extravaganza. Our personal faves: Groupon: Tibet (ignorant, insensitive, yet attention-grabbing and directed by Christoper Guest–so there’s that), the horror-tinged Sony Ericsson: Xperia Play ad from McCann Worldgroup, Eminem/Chrysler, PepsiMax “Love Hurts” and “First Date“, Adrien Brody’s “Stella Artois” performance for classing up the joint and Grey’s NFL submission above.

Also, our old pal Kevin Allocca offers a YouTube report on how Super Bowl ads trended two hours after the game and this morning. Bieber wins again. Anyhow, as mentioned, check out some creatives’ thoughts on the big game ad blitz after the jump.

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