In 2006, 17 humanitarian workers from in Mutter, Sri Lanka were shot to death at close range during a period of governmental unrest in the city. Though the French NGO the humanitarians were working for, Action Against Hunger (known internationally as Action Contre la Faim), official dubbed the massacre a “war crime,” there has still been no formal UN investigation into the incident. With the help of TBWA/Paris and Wanda Productions, AAH is hoping to fix this.

On the blood-stained shirt of one of the victims, TBWA/Paris paints a gruesome picture of the massacre, showing the victims being shot in the head, a crime that to this day the Sri Lankan government has taken no responsibility for. Near the end of the video, viewers are presented with a petition to sign in order to get the UN to finally open its six-years-overdue investigation. Violent? Absolutely, but how else do you motivate people to care about an issue they (probably) were never aware existed? For more information on the Justice for Muttur campaign, visit its website here. Credits after the jump.

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