Ok, we lied. Here’s one more post to close things out in the first week of 2011, this one being a host of New Year’s resolutions that come to us courtesy of Scott Cohn, ECD at NYC-based Night Agency. Like most, we never keep ours, but here goes below. See any similarities between his and yours?

* No more passive/aggressive emails to staff, as long as they stop making microwave popcorn, haha, but seriously people, be considerate.  that stuff stinks.
* Get in touch with my emoticons.
* Open every other chain-email from my mom.
* Exercise daily – stop using keyboard shortcuts.
* Care more about the news – bookmark tmz.com.
* Download a new language.
* Spend more time away from the computer – need to justify ipad purchase.
* Figure out bluetooth.
* Start using headset for phone to protect brain from dangerous microwave radiation.  (don’t keep phone in pocket either.)
* Reduce my carbon footprint by ccing less.
* Focus more on my “real” friendships via direct tweeting.
* Be more creative, starting with new facebook profile.
* Spend more time skyping with loved ones.
* Update my blog.
* Clean off my desktop, file things away, forget about them forever.

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