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8:45 am
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9:30 am

Understanding Privacy in a Connected Age

A talk that provides context on privacy and transparency as it relates to government, politicians and why our understanding of privacy and the laws associated may need to change in a connected age.

Andrew Rasiej    
Founder and Publisher
Personal Democracy Forum

9:50 am

The Personal Data Ecosystem

Kaliya Hamlin joins us to talk about the Personal Data Ecosystem, a model that flips the privacy model on its head and says people should have a copy of all their digital bread crumb trails in one place that is under their control that they can manage. Data types range from geo-location logs, web surfing history, social network/graph connections, and more. Cloud services are being developed to provide these services. Markets become more efficient and makes the current market practices of cookies and other methods of behavioral tracking obsolete.

Kaliya Hamlin    
Founder and Executive Director
Personal Data Ecosystem

10:20 am

Privacy, Location and Social Networking

Norman will share the privacy challenges and findings that have emerged out of his work at Zipano Technologies and at Carnegie Mellon University, with a particular focus on location privacy and social networking privacy.

Norman Sadeh    
Co-founder and Chief Scientist
Zipano Technologies
Carnegie Mellon University

10:50 am

11:20 am

Keynote Presentation

Marc is one of the world's leading privacy experts. He is the executive director of the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC), an organization that identifies emerging privacy issues and advises governments around the world about the development of new laws to safeguard privacy. Marc will address hot topics in privacy, including Do Not Track, International privacy frameworks, the roles of the FTC and FCC, and prospects for privacy legislation in the next Congress.

Marc Rotenberg    
Executive Director
Electronic Privacy Information Center

12:00 pm

Digital Vertigo: An Anti-Social Manifesto

Our current infatuation with transparency and openness, when combined with the increasingly ubiquity of today's real-time digital network, represents a disturbing threat to the liberty & autonomy of 21st century man.

Andrew Keen    
Cult of the Amateur

12:30 pm
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1:30 pm

Privacy and Mobile

When sending a regular text message or picture over mobile phones, you have no control over how long it will live on the recipientís phone or the cell phone servers. Privacy start up TigerText has introduced new texting technology for smartphones, which allows senders anywhere in the world to determine how long their communication lives on the Network, along with the mobile devices of both sender and recipient. CEO Jeffrey Evans joins us to talk about the privacy issues around the increasing use of mobile devices.

Jeffrey Evans    

2:00 pm

Truth in Privacy: The Year Ahead

Transparency, accountability, choice. These principles drive strong online privacy practices and can help a company achieve "Truth in Privacy" in the eyes of consumers. TRUSTe CEO Chris Babel will review how various companies applied these principles (or should have applied them) in 2010, and will preview key online spaces in 2011 where companies have an opportunity to implement these principles and build trust with consumers.

Chris Babel    

2:30 pm

Social Media & Location-based Services: New Risks

This session covers current privacy laws in the US, Canada, Mexico and the EU and their implications for the development and use of social media and location-based marketing services, with attention to the current directions in privacy and data security laws being considered by Congress and their implications for social media and location-based marketing services.

John Nicholson    
Pillsbury Law

3:00 pm

Arrival of Personal Digital Security

Now, your whole life is on the Internet--we live, we date, and we work on and through the web--and no one is protecting us. We're seeing the arrival of a huge and essential new industry: Personal Digital Security.

Noah Lang    
Director of Business Development

3:30 pm

3:40 pm

Privacy and eCommerce

Gilt Groupe CISO Alexsandr Yampolskiy joins us to talk about managing customer information and ensuring secure transactions in the rapidly growing world of eCommerce.

Aleksandr Yampolskiy    
Director of Security and Compliance
Gilt Groupe

4:10 pm

The Benefits of Publicness

We're paying plenty of attention to privacy, bringing perhaps more controls and protections we've ever had. At the same time, Jeff will argue that we need to pay attention to the value of publicness or else we risk losing the value of the connections the net enables.

Jeff Jarvis    

4:40 pm

Back to the Future: What Brand Marketers Should Know

Across the privacy debate, education is key, not just for consumers but across the brands competing to delight consumers as well. Join this panel to for an update on what you need to know now to align your advertising strategies and campaigns with the factors that will largely determine if your spend will help your company succeed or put it at great risk. This panel will benefit all brand stewards, from the CMO to the brand manager, as well as privacy professionals across agencies and brands. The panel will include expert points of view, case references and research.

Lana McGilvray Jules Polonetsky Flora Garcia
Vice President of Marketing
Datran Media
Future of Privacy Forum

Senior Director of Privacy
Time, Inc.

5:20 pm