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Andrew Sullivan Makes Debut at Daily Beast

Today is Andrew Sullivan‘s first day hosting his blog at the Daily Beast and, so far, his posts are just what you’d expect at The Atlantic.

The guy is still a posting machine. He started the day at his new home at 7:36 this morning with an excerpt from HuffPost. Then, a few more excerpts from reader emails and the Daily Beast. Next, yet another excerpt, this time from the New Yorker. After that – more reader emails. Following those, more excerpts. Including one from Juicebox Mafia’s Matt Yglesias. Then, some excerpts from the Awl.

Finally, at 10, something that isn’t an excerpt. A video. Then some more excerpts, from Slate and FrumForum.

Then comes a twist: a video combined with an excerpt from the Atlantic and a link to another Juicebox Mafia henchman, Dave Weigel.

Sullivan’s first real post came at 11:09, about a Richard Goldstone WaPo op-ed and a favorite topic of Sullivan’s – Israel.

Then a Quote of the Day, an important excerpt titled “How To Beard Thyself Like Brian Wilson,” another excerpt/video combo, this one from Al Jazeera, and a Picture of the Day.

Excerpts are part of his philosophy. As he tells American Public Media (which did a piece on the blog’s move), “The belief is that everything that needs to be said now has already been said somewhere, we just have to find it.”

And here we are.

Last Call: Yellin Hearts Ke$ha, Shuffles Staffers

Je$$ica Yellin?: If Jessica Yellin wasn’t CNN’s national political correspondent, she’d be either a Fortune 500 CEO or the host of Solid Gold.  At least that’s what she tells National Journal in an interview for Hotline today.  Other interesting snippets: She jams out to Ke$ha and a superior once told her, “We have a problem with your hair. It blows in the wind.”  Read the full interview with a NJ password or free trial here.

Shuffle at TheAtlantic.comJosh Green, who currently writes for both the magazine and website, will direct his attention to blogging for the Politics channel for the next 20 months.  Conor Friedersdorf, who worked for Andrew Sullivan at the Daily Dish, is not moving with his boss to the Daily Beast.  Instead he’ll join Garance Franke-Ruta and Josh Green in Politics.  Lastly, picked Spencer Kornhaber from AOL’s  He’ll join Eleanor Barkhorn on the Culture channel as an associate editor.  Full memo from Bob Cohn after the jump.

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Who are the ‘Most Influential’ People in Media?

Business Insider releases its top 50 people and pubs in media this year. The list published today includes everyone from Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange (#1) to Apple CEO Steve Jobs (#2) FNC’s Glenn Beck (#4) and Jon Stewart (#5). Those in Washington or with strong ties here include HuffPost Editor-in-Chief Arianna Huffington (#8), Drudge Report (#9) and Politico (#15).

The writeup on Politico is worth a look with a variety of shout-outs:

There have been many, many moments in the last two years where more than one person has wondered whether Politico is the tail wagging Presidential dog, so successful has the site been at “winning the morning” and driving the national political news cycle. No story is too small! Mike Allen, Ben Smith, Jonathan Martin, Patrick Gavin, John Harris… now go name five Washington Post reporters off the top of your head.

Others on the list: The Atlantic (#19), Jake Tapper (#21), Andrew Sullivan (#29), Howie Kurtz (#37) and NPR’s David Folkenflik (#48).

Fishbowl’s Finest: Chris Bodenner



Move over Prince Harry! We’ve got our own hot ginger. Meet Chris Bodenner, a staff editor at The Atlantic and executive editor of the “Daily Dish.”

A graduate of Wake Forest University, this redhead editor put the “hot” in National Journal’s “Hotline” before joining Andrew Sullivan‘s team at The Atlantic.

Because he makes ginger caliente, Chris Bodenner is one of “Fishbowl’s Finest” 2010.

Fishbowl 5: The Daily Caller’s Journolist Dispatcher Jonathan Strong

jstrong2.jpg The Daily Caller‘s Jonathan Strong is a really busy reporter these days sorting out all those e-mails from Journolist. He took time out to offer his thoughts on Journolist, Journalism and where this charged story will go next. Asked if he was surprised by what he read on Journolist, he replied, “I was shocked.”

Socially, he explained, he’s not too worried about being viewed as a pariah considering he’s not that into D.C.’s journalism scene as some journalists are. A native of Clifton, Va., Strong has spent a good chunk of time in Orange County, Calif. with close relatives there.

Since living in Washington, he has worked for Rep. Dan Lungren (R-Calif.) as a “low-level” aide who gave tours and wrote letters. He also worked for Inside Washington’s Inside EPA, a newsletter covering “policy minutia.” Though he says he’d never want to be on a list like Journolist, he understands why some might: “Some of the straight news reporters almost never posted. They probably just didn’t turn down the access because they were getting good information. Other people had friends on there. Other people thought it would be a good way to network, to shape the news cycle.”

1. How’s the hate mail – are you getting a boatload of it these days? I haven gotten from readers all positive e-mails so far. There are some people who have sent along some concerns that they have, but overall, the reaction has been really positive. Really? Well, on Twitter you have a debate on what’s in the e-mails. If you see [The Atlantic's] Andrew Sullivan, I think that that is the take that is where I’m coming from personally – as a journalist your responsibility is to be independent. Tucker [Carlson] takes a lot of the fire just because he’s the front man.

2. What are your personal beliefs about Journolist? Do you think such a thing ought to exist and would you ever be a part a part of something like it knowing what you know? I can’t imagine myself being a part of that. I’m kind of on the other end [of things]. I get uncomfortable with any kind of cozying or any semblance of it. If I’m talking to a source and they say, ‘Here’s how you should write the story.’ Even that sentence makes me uncomfortable. I’m writing about journalists now, but the last story I wrote was [RNC Chairman] Michael Steele and the voyeur expense – so I go after both sides pretty equally so to speak.

3. What do you make of some Journolister’s assertions that Journolist is off the record and shouldn’t be for public consumption? That’s the deepest hypocrisy. People who are journalists it’s their job to make what is said privately public. When it’s turned around on them, they have a different view of it. I don’t have a lot of sympathy. I know Dave Weigel didn’t hold it against me. On a human level, these are colleagues. It’s a sensitive thing. I’m not a media reporter, it’s not my beat. But it’s something that happened that came along and I think it’s a really important story.

4. Do you believe you’ll be the most hated reporter in Washington? Do you worry about retaliation or someone hacking into your e-mail? I think they’ll continue to hate Rush Limbaugh and the Fox News people more than me. Not everyone in Washington was on Journolist. [In regards to people hacking into his e-mail): The thought has crossed my mind, yeah… (Strong would not discuss any precautions he has taken to safeguard his own e-mails.)

5. So far, The Daily Caller has run four installments of Journolist stories. Can we expect more? There are more stories to come. There were moments people showed integrity or good will or winsomeness. There will be a heroes of Journalist story.

WaPo and CNN’s Howie Kurtz: Should he be Gonged?

gong.jpg While WaPo media columnist and CNN host Howard Kurtz claimed to be “just poking fun” on his CNN show “Reliable Sources” on Sunday, a segment sent shock waves around town as several D.C. journalists were steamed watching him go after Politico‘s Patrick Gavin. He even slapped on screen an e-mail Gavin once wrote to him.

In that e-mail, Gavin proposed that Kurtz have him on as a guest to discuss the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. “Maybe in the next decade,” Kurtz said sarcastically on his Sunday show.

Kurtz has gotten flak on this mattter from Mediate, Gawker, Media Matters and The Atlantic’s Andrew Sullivan.

Why did Kurtz do it? He was irked by a story Gavin wrote two weeks ago detailing the Top 20 guests Kurtz has had on his show in the past decade. The story said the show had a “clubby feel” to it in that Kurtz has the same 20 guests on again and again. The story said Kurtz has never had a D.C. media writer (such as former City Paper and now TBD’s Erik Wemple and Yahoo! News’s Michael Calderone). Gavin wrote that Kurtz has D.C. gossip columnists on his show from WaPo, but no other publication. Gavin admitted to falling into both categories.

Question for Kurtz: Are all ordinary e-mails to you now fair game for your show and column?

After taking criticism from Mediaite’s Rachel Sklar(“Oy @HowardKurtz, you read @PWGavin’s email on air?? What about those ‘unwritten rules’ you seemed so protective of last week??”), Kurtz tweeted on Sunday: “@pwgavin is a good guy and entitled to his criticism (however misguided). We were just poking a little fun today on the teevee.”

Oddly, Kurtz’s actions come on the heels of him publishing this WaPo column over the weekend, writing, “Everything is supposed to be “transparent” these days, but is every word you utter — or e-mail, or text, or tweet, or mutter within earshot of a reporter — now fair game? And couldn’t that drive our discourse toward the pathologically cautious and mind-numbingly banal?”

Question #2 for Kurtz: In the past when Gavin has pitched to be on the show have you responded favorably and/or encouraged him to continue pitching you?

Kurtz tone has markedly shifted from his Sunday program, even saying he’ll have Gavin on before a decade passes. He does dispute Gavin’s numbers story concerning his guests. He replied to questions (see after jump for a complete list of questions) posed by FishbowlDC today: “I tried to deliver my response with a light touch and I hope people didn’t take it as anything more than that. Patrick’s e-mail to me wasn’t off the record, and as he himself says, he’s pretty unabashed in trying to book himself on television shows. I would never reveal anything anyone told me off the record. I admit to being proud of the way that Reliable Sources reaches out to a wide range of guests, including some who have never or only rarely been on TV. Our numbers were different than Gavin’s, and in any event I felt free to mention anyone who has been on numerous times. I encourage journalists to approach me about being on the program — including Patrick in the past — and yes, we’ll probably have him on without waiting a decade.”

So far, Gavin isn’t retaliating. He had no further comment for FishbowlDC other than what he remarked to HuffPost over the weekend. He tweeted Sunday: “Oooo…finding some fun old emails from @howardkurtz (fear not, Howie: Won’t go there…)”

Read about Kurtz’s interview with ex-WaPo blogger Dave Weigel and big blunder Kurtz made on the story after the jump…

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Sullivan Praises Blitzer for “Committing Journalism”


Funny how a compliment can be both nice — and completely insulting.

Here’s The Daily Dish’s Andrew Sullivan on CNN’s Wolf Blitzer’s interview with former New York Mayor Rudy “9/11/24/7″ Giuliani:

“I just watched Wolf Blitzer’s interview with Giuliani where he committed journalism, actually demanding that Giuliani relate his rhetoric to reality. I don’t have the transcript but Giuliani dismissed the anthrax attacks after 9/11 as a major domestic terror attack, because he didn’t have proof that they were the work of Islamists. When Blitzer – yes! – brought up the Richard Reid case, Giuliani punted and refused to criticize Bush for the same thing he criticized Obama for.”

Read Sullivan’s praise and criticism after the jump…

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Palin’s Alleged Tightened Press Tactics

The Daily Dish’s Andrew Sullivan reports this morning on some people being kept out of former Alaska GOP Gov. Sarah Palin’s Cincinnati book signing Wednesday due to a special “list.”

Palin Goes Rogue on C-SPAN2′s BookTV

sarah2-11.jpegFormer Vice Presidential hopeful Sarah Palin has turned down numerous requests for a sit-down interview on C-SPAN2′s BookTV for her widely read book, Going Rogue.

So far she has agreed only to let C-SPAN cameras follow her through a Cincinnati book signing. C-SPAN is still hopeful she will eventually say yes.

Why would former V.P. hopeful Sarah Palin turn down an interview request from BookTV? It’s not as if CBS’s Katie Couric is making a cameo on the most straightforward channel on television.

The Daily Dish’s Andrew Sullivan expressed annoyance earlier in the day, saying, “Yes, Palin can’t even handle a friendly sit-down with the last surviving reality-based cable news outlet.”

See the program note for the Cincinnati signing after the jump…

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Sullivan Takes Swipe at Politico’s Allen

sullivan-11.jpegThe Daily Dish’s Andrew Sullivan doesn’t hide his contempt for Politico’s Mike Allen in his post today on the reporter he calls “Cheney’s spokesman.” He suggests Cheney ought to paying Allen’s salary rather than Politico.

Sullivan and Allen are former colleagues at Time magazine. Allen had no comment on Sullivan’s assertions.

See the story here.

allen-14.jpegQuestion: Not that we’re suggesting a real battle, but who wins in a physical altercation between Sullivan and Allen? Tell us at or log on to and use our ANONYMOUS TIPS button.

> Update: Sullivan V. Allen – We’re hearing that the two men are friends.

An Anonymous Tipster writes: “Sullivan’s history of medically-mandated steroid use (which he’s written about) has made him VERY muscular. He’d almost certainly win in a fight with Allen. (Not that his criticism isn’t silly on the merits — does Sullivan really think that if not for Allen, no one would report what Dick Cheney has to say?)

Read about Sullivan’s history of “testosterone replacement therapy” here.

> Update (2): Sullivan V. Allen – An Anonymous Tipster writes: “Sullivan is not sweetie-pie/scared enough of his sources to pay them off with quaint little birthday and state visit shout-outs. Then again, Allen isn’t a human. He’s a machine, so… draw?”