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Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers

Quotes of the Day

Journo dines on assfat

“After lunch of fried assfat of sheep this week, Sheikh Ahmed Abu Risha told me Anbar now has security concerns on 2 sides: Syria & Iran.” — WaPo‘s Dan Zak on location in Iraq.

Telling it like it is

“Golf outing: no news.” — a rare opening line of a White House Pool Report by The Salt Lake Tribune‘s Thomas Burr. Burr wrote that the outing included a 12-vehicle motorcade and added,  “Brief sighting of the president in a thin blue jacket.”

Kisses for the VP

“Always great to see VP Joe Biden & his wife Jill. That man loves to tell jokes!” — Washington Watch’s Roland Martin.

Separated at Birth Gone Wrong

A reader writes in to suggest that we pair FNC’s Bret Baier with Animal House’s Flounder. As you can see, doesn’t quite pan out even if Bret did let his hair go wild. But we thank the reader for writing in. Send in all Separated at Birth nominations to or to

The Onion Network’s Brooke Alvarez gives back: “I’m visiting a fourth grade class today to teach them what it takes to become a ruthless, power-hungry, news personality.”

Beer drinking journo attempts to horrify ancestors

“Drinking a beer called Nosferatu…somewhere my Romanian ancestors are horrified.” — NJ “The Hotline’s” Chris Peleo-Lazar.

There were many disgusting lines in NY Magazine’s story on House Maj. Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.). Chief among them was this one: “According to a former Republican congressman, Cantor was a given a seat at the GOP leadership table on the advice of [Roy] Blunt‘s then-girlfriend, a Philip Morris lobbyist who appreciated the fact that Cantor is Jewish. “Abigail is Jewish, and she understood the implications for fundraising,” the former [anonymously sourced] congressman says. “Eric had access to donors we didn’t typically have access to.

Too soon?

“I wonder if anyone has made any BJ jokes today, about the glowing Jobs eulogies in the media.That would be bad! But Steve would’ve laughed.” — WaPo‘s Gene Weingarten.

Journos Accused of Being Presidential Enablers

I’m going to tell you a secret about us. We are not a disinterested party in politics. We want it to be exciting. We want colorful candidates. Look, we have columns to write. I have three hours of talk radio to fill everyday. We have TV shows to anchor and be guests on.” Lefty radio host Bill Press on CNN “Reliable Sources” Sunday answering host Howard Kurtz‘s insistence that journalists are enablers who played into the pretense of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and NJ Gov. Chris Christie seriously running for president.

Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers

Quotes of the Day

It’s Sensitivity Day in Washington

“Spotted: 300-lb man holding a miniature pineapple. No analysis, just facts.” — WaPo Sports Editor Lindsay Apple in a Tuesday tweet.

Journo sweats out no AC

“Days waiting for new AC unit in 90+ heat: 12. Feet by which AC company’s lift was too short to reach ceiling: 12. Days waiting for crane:??” — NJ‘s “The Hotline’s” Editor-in-Chief Reid Wilson in a Tuesday tweet.

Hazy reasoning

“Don’t they already have a Rachel Maddow?” — Mediaite‘s Tommy Christopher in a Tuesday coffee meeting on The Nation‘s Chris Hayes getting a weekend show on MSNBC. For some reason, people often confuse Hayes for Maddow. A modern cable mystery in the making.

Bio of the Day

WaPo‘s Dan Zak: “Feature writer @washingtonpost. Also: Flirt, hack, itinerant, ditherer, libertine, Buffalonian. Note: I am not my boss’s tweeter.”

The Observer

“The Duggar family is in Dupont Circle, and my there are a lot of them.” — Slate‘s Annie Lowry in a Tuesday tweet.

Corny personified

“Kinda hungry. What’s this about a Supper Committee?” — Reason‘s Peter Suderman in a Tuesday tweet.

WaPo‘s Dan Zak gets Journo Love from Sam Stein

“The moon is grinning. THE MOON IS GRINNING. Free Dan Zak!” — Huffpost‘s Sam Stein in a Tuesday tweet.

Ecstatic journo is UK bound

“Booking my ticket to London. Yay!” — TIME‘s Jay Newton-Small in a Tuesday tweet.

Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers


Question for area journos: Sure the downpour was heavy over the weekend, but would you ever be caught in WaPo rain boots? A FishbowlDC reader sent in this photograph after spotting them inside Union Station at Comfort One Shoes.

Reporter spots unfortunate truths about Washington

“D.C.: Where you can’t walk 20 ft without being greeted by either a clipboard or a jangling cup of coins.” — WaPo feature writer Dan Zak in a weekend tweet.

Over the mountain and through the woods…

“Driving on a mountain road to a remote village.  Really interesting. Couldn’t fly today – but we could drive!” — FNC anchor Bret Baier in a weekend tweet en route to a village called Wardack west of Kabul. He posted the picture (at right) online.

D. Shuster: The Critic

“@davidgregory Is M. Bachman really worthy of MTP? I’ll keep an open mind on assumption you grill her on her nutjob quotes. Lots of material.” — Ex-MSNBCer David Shuster in a weekend tweet questioning Rep. Michele Bachmann‘s (R-Minn.) appearance this weekend on NBC’s MTP.

Capehart employs Sheen lingo

“Saw “The King’s Speech” tonight. #WINNING” — WaPo‘s Jonathan Capehart in a weekend tweet.

Touby gets bitched out by JWoww and dirty looks from Snooki

“Who is [Snooki]? Whoever she is, she’s in the seat in front of me and a self-important bitch. She snarled at me!” — Mediabistro Founder Laurel Touby in a weekend tweet. (See full story momentarily….)

WH journo out on the town

“This is a disaster zone. How did I ever consider this appealing? #lookatyourlifelookatyourchoices.” — MetroWeekly‘s Senior Political Reporter  Chris Geidner in a weekend tweet. On the evening of this message, he was at Cobalt bar off Dupont Circle. He says this quote likely would have applied to any bar — he’s not a huge bar scene aficionado.

Where’s the outrage?

“Nice to see the Gap’s sexualizing of infants extends to boys too. This = size 3 mos.” — Politico‘s snappy observer Molly Ball in a weekend tweet. The T-shirt says: “Lock Up Your Daughters.”

Reporter is cat-friendly

“Okay off to buy kitty litter. Ah the glamour of the pundit’s life.” — NationalReviewOnline‘s Jonah Goldberg in a weekend tweet.

Politico reporter wins his birthday

“Happy birthday to a very precocious @zackpolitico who just celebrated 2-2. #winningthebirthday.” — Politico‘s Jennifer Epstein in a weekend tweet in what is one of countless variations on “Winning the Morning.” Happy Birthday to Zack Abrahamson.  The word “winning” has, of course, become a constant in the Urban Charlie Sheen Dictionary.

Surprise pairing: Knoller and Gaga?

“Sign of of the Apocalypse. Someone puts me in the same list of #FFs with @LadyGaGa.” — CBS News Radio White House Correspondent Mark Knoller in a weekend tweet.

Anticipation is…

“I’m in the middle of writing about Charlie Sheen for next week’s The Daily Beast: 3000 words and I’m not using the term #tigerblood once.” — Author Bret Easton Ellis in a weekend tweet.

Pickup line of the weekend

“Hey, there, wanna see my byline?” — MetroWeekly‘s Co-Publisher Sean Bugg in a weekend tweet.

WCP Assesses WaPo: Was the Jet to LAX Worth it?

WCP‘s Benjamin Freed took a fine tooth comb today to the subject of whether WaPo got its money’s worth by sending three scribes cross-country to the Oscars. They included Reliable Source’s Amy Argetsinger, Jen Cheney of the Celebritology blog and Dan Zak, a feature writer. All in all, seven writers covered the Oscars, three on the road, four at home.

Assessment of Argetsinger:

She landed the expected A1 story that “The King’s Speech” won best picture and tweeted her way through the glam party weekend. But WCP went on to compare her coverage with that of WaPo‘s Hank Steuver, who covered the event from Washington: “[She] went 3,000 miles to write essentially the same story as someone who watched the Oscars on TV (Steuver) and cover Graydon Carter’s annual tribute to himself. Not quite worth the airfare, or even a cross-country Greyhound. Our assessment for Argetsinger: Hitchhiking.”

Assessment of Zak and Cheney: Both worthy of plane tickets from DCA to LAX.

It must be noted that WCP sought fit to have Freed in Washington tweeting away for the Oscars, including a “suck dick” remark on award winner Aaron Sorkin that we ran Monday. Argetsinger had no comment for FishbowlDC on this matter.

Read the full story here.

WaPo’s Opposing Oscar Observations

It appears WaPo feature writer Dan Zak has an entirely different fashion sense from the publication’s official fashion writers, Holly Thomas and Janet Bennett Kelly,  who covered the Oscars last night.

Zak: “Okay, fine, a positive comment: Jennifer Lawrence looks great. And she gave the best performance in the category. #oscars @oscarspotting”

But Thomas and Kelly clearly think otherwise. @WashPostFashion: “Least fave look: Jennifer Lawrence’s red tank dress. It’s the Oscars – you should not look like you’re on Baywatch from the waist up.”

Sorry, Zak. We have to go with Thomas and Kelly on this one. The Baywatch description aptly fits.

Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers


WaPo’s Dan Zak in Cali: “Cheeky Hollywood hotel thermostat”


“What’re u wearin for Oscar night? I’m sporting Basic Edition by KMART, accessories by 7-Eleven.” — CQ Roll Call‘s Craig Crawford in a Sunday tweet.

“Confession: I love the Oscars. Have watched them every year since I was 10 after successful lobbying campaign to suspend bedtime.” — Politico‘s Kasie Hunt in a Sunday tweet.

“Just so you know, my shirt this evening was designed by Under Armour and my pants by Mr. Carhart.” — Politico‘s Patrick Gavin in a weekend tweet.

“Who am I wearing? Thanks for asking, Robin. This is from Ralph’s Big & Tall.” — CBS White House radio reporter Mark Knoller in a Sunday tweet.

“DVD copy of The King’s Speech keeps skipping and stopping. #irony” — FishbowlDC intern Alec Jacobs in a Sunday tweet.

“Every time I see Ryan Seacrest on TV I say to people “that man is worth more than a quarter of a billion dollars.” nobody believes me.” — MSNBC’s Luke Russert in a Sunday tweet.

“I have only two wishes for Oscar night: 1. To make my deadline. 2. To meet Charlie Sheen.” — WaPo‘s @ReliableSource in a Sunday tweet.

R-Rated Oscar coverage

“I appreciate that whoever designed Cate Blanchette‘s dress accommodated her breasts with that hole in the front. #oscars” — GQ‘s Ana Marie Cox in a Sunday tweet.

“Sorkin’s speech: An oratorical attempt to suck one’s own dick. #Oscars” — WCP‘s Benjamin Freed in a Sunday tweet.

Bold Oscar observers

“Franco really should have skipped the bong tonight.” — National Review Online‘s Jonah Goldberg in a Sunday tweet.

“I think Gwyneth‘s husband doesn’t WANT to appear in public with her.” — Former ABC “This Week” production coordinator Courtney Cohen in a Sunday tweet. She now works at the public affairs firm Dewey Square Group.

“Maybe I’m high?” — Bloomberg TV’s Lizzie O’Leary in a Sunday tweet.

Vital Oscar observations

Aaron Sorkin‘s hair just won best adaptation award.” — Washington Examiner‘s J.P. Freire in a Sunday tweet.

“Feed suggests those who are most hostile to this stilted show from Hollywood are those who put on stilted shows in Washington.” — The Takeaway’s Capitol Hill radio Correspondent Todd Zwillich in a Sunday tweet.

“It took 25 minutes for a Charlie Sheen joke?” — Politics Daily Editor-in-Chief Melinda Henneberger in a Sunday tweet.

Wishful Oscar thinking

“A little surprised Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban don’t listen to @cspanradio.” — C-SPAN’s Jeremy Art in a Sunday tweet. (Kidman and Urban were asked what they listened to on the way to the Oscars.)

Journo honesty

“Trying to pretend I am still interested in a basketball game where my son’s team is losing by 30 points.” — WaPo‘s Karen Tumulty in a weekend tweet.

Media Matters employee suffers hangover

“Alka Seltzer= best hangover cure in the business.” — Media MattersTyrone Gayle in a weekend tweet. (Is this winning the weekend Tyrone?)

Update/Correction: Cohen recently left DSG. “I’ve created a Jewish girls take on Jersey Shore’s GTL,” she wrote. “I do GLS: gym, lunch, shopping.”

Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers


“Sen Scott Brown opens up about sexual & physical abuse as a child.” — CNN’s Wolf Blitzer takes a number in talking to Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.) about his sexual abuse. He first talked about it in his book, Against All Odds, and on CBS’s “60 Minutes.” See Blitzer’s segment here in which he presses Brown on the eight pages of sexual abuse in the book. “I didn’t want it to be a typical political book,” Brown told Blitzer. (That, it’s not.)

Announcement: Happy Birthday to S.E. Cupp, Conservative commentator and columnist at The Daily Caller. We thank her for opening up on other, darker, matters (that you’ll see a little later) on her birthday of all days.

Washington Roots for Rahm

“Rahm Emanuel is the f-in mayor-elect of Chicago.” — NJ “The Hotline’s” Executive Editor Reid Wilson in a Tuesday tweet.

“Mayor F-Bomb” — NJ Editor-in-Chief Ron Fournier in a Tuesday tweet.

“And as the race ends, fake Rahm @MayorEmanuel has 32,905 Twitter followers to the real @RahmEmanuel’s 8,897.” – The Atlantic‘s Garance Franke-Ruta in a Tuesday night tweet.

“Is @MayorEmanuel going to vanish into the vortex and we’ll never know who it was? Fun.” — Reuters’ Patricia Zengerle in a Tuesday night tweet.

“CNN FUCKING CALLS IT, BITCHES.” — @MayorEmanuel in a Tuesday night tweet.

Mr. February

“Shout out to February. You may be the worst month, but at least you have the decency to be surprisingly short each year.” — RealClearPolitics’ Scott Conroy in a Tuesday tweet.

Zak handles Glee coverage

“Glee covering Ke$ha. Welcome to the event horizon of a pop culture black hole.” — WaPo‘s Dan Zak in a Tuesday night tweet after apparently watching the “Glee” episode in which the students get drunk, peform Ke$ha and yak during the school performance. Fortunately the principal thinks it’s special effects.

TV journos are just like us: They talk trash

“Russert talking trash but @danbashcnn, Borger, Keillar, and Team CNN will crush him.” — CNN’s Senior White House Correspondent Ed Henry in a Tuesday night tweet. Henry attended a Capitol Karaoke fundraiser in which MNBC’s Luke Russert performed an impressive “Born to Run.” Russert’s quote: “Fox News and CNN will not touch this.” #capitolcareaoke To which CNN’s John King said, “Russert belts out Bruce. He’ll keep his day job.”

Boy Banders get pumped for Maddow

“Talking Wisconsin tonight with @chrislhayes on the Rachel @maddow show.” — WaPo‘s Ezra Klein in a Tuesday tweet about he and his friend, The Nation’s Chris Hayes, as they prepare for duo appearance on MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow. This is about as exciting as it gets, we can’t lie.

Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers


As seen in The Atlantic’s In Focus feature in celebration of the Chinese Lunar New Year. Shot taken by Reuters’ Jason Lee.

WaPo reporter seeks Hawaiian assignment

“Congratulations to NYT reporter who talked editors into assigning story on how people go to Hawaii when the weather gets cold. Sweet gig.” — WaPo‘s Karen Tumulty in a Thursday morning tweet. On second thought she added, “Dear #wapo editors: nyt has scooped us w story headlined “as others shiver, Hawaii basks in tourism glow.” please send me immediately.”

Um, awkward

“Bumped into Sen Scott Brown jogging outside Capitol. Here’s my TODAY piece on Brown’s new revelations of abuse.” — NBC’s Capitol Hill Correspondent Kelly O’Donnell in a Thursday morning tweet. Watch here. “Today, the senator is turning heads again,” she reports.

Journo prefers to grocery shop alone

WaPo fronts story on PG County version of Social Safeway. I’ve never understood this, I like people to leave me alone when I shop.” — Roll Call‘s Christina Bellantoni in a Thursday morning tweet.

Reporter initially has ‘bitch’ in lede

“Westminster winner’s day in the sun: [Read here]. Before editing, my 1st graph concluded with ‘This bitch isn’t being one.’” — WaPo‘s Dan Zak in a Wednesday tweet. The new lede? “After winning “best in show” from the Westminster Kennel Club, a dog has every right to get cranky, to go diva, to not sit, to not stay. But over the past 24 hours, as paparazzi have trailed her around New York, Grand Champion Foxcliffe Hickory Wind has borne her title with quiet dignity and grace.”

The Critic

“Question: Do all of Greta’s shows begin with a breaking news alert?” — The Daily Caller‘s Jeff Poor in a Wednesday tweet referring to FNC’s Greta Van Susteren.

Might want to avoid Dickerson today (potentially germy)

“Wow. Half of son’s class out sick. Totally going to throw cold water on a 2nd Annual Take Your Communicable Disease to School Day.” — Slate‘s John Dickerson in a Wednesday tweet.

Nir not just an ‘asshole’ but ‘a jerk’

“Twitter’s no place for nuance.” Wrong, Nir! You are callous, not indurated; cold-blooded, not poikilothermic; a jerk, not a yank.” — WaPo‘s Gene Weingarten in a Thursday morning tweet on Nir Rosen, the journo who called himself an asshole in yesterday’s FishbowlDC interview and begged for forgiveness for crass remarks in the wake of CBS’s Lara Logan suffering a sustained sexual assault.

MSNBC’s Schultz won’t exceed $50 on haircut

From an interview with NY Magazine:

How much is too much to spend on a haircut? “I get my haircut at work, but I wouldn’t pay more than $50.” Times, Post, or Daily News? Times exclusively. “Post and Daily News … never.”

Potentially tragic news

“Yikes, put ad on-line to rent apartment. FLOODED with wanna-be tenants, waiving checks. Must be a tight market.” — ABC7′s Stephen Tschida in a Wednesday tweet. FishbowlDC is investigating. Tschida will leave D.C. over our dead bodies. We just heard from Stephen moments ago. He tells FishbowlDC: “I rent out the basement. It’s crazy, so much interest. I have to pick from the applicants.”

WaPo Computers Lose Power

This just in…WaPo reporter Dan Zak announces that computers are down.

@MrDanZak: “Computers just lost power in the newsroom. Everyone’s standing up, actually talking to each other now. Lunch!”

WaPo Federal Eye blogger Ed O’Keefe also commenting on the outage:

“A power outage is impacting parts of our newsroom.”

Update #1: A WaPo reporter tells me, “Looks like our internet crashed. Messages indicate it was a major, major crash.”

Update #2: WaPo newsroom empties out.

Update #3: WaPo Book World Editor Ron Charles treats crash like a potential snow day, tweeting, “Who knows — maybe we’ll all have to go work at home!”

Update #4: A more dramatic WaPo local politics reporter Mike Debonis writes: “Mass internet outage at WaPo. Mass panic … err, mass curiosity ensues.” And then adds, “Down elevators packed as aimless WaPo worker bees depart en masse…”

Update #5: WaPo‘s Lindsay Applebaum reports, “Angry editors and reporters, standing and waiting for power. Aaand lunch break.”

Update #6: One WaPo reporter sounds pretty unruffled. Tells FishbowlDC: “Have heard there is an internet outage. No emails for the last 30 mins.”

Update #7: That was relatively fast. Power is back on, a WaPo reporter tells me.

Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers


HuffPost’s Editor-in-Chief Arianna Huffington at Copacabana beach “with Sugarloaf Mountain covered in mist.”

Isabel Wilkerson, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and now a BU Prof, discusses her critically acclaimed “The Warmth of Other Suns: The Epic Story of America’s Great Migration” Saturday night at a holiday party of the journalists “roundtable” at the Washington home of Paul and Anita Delaney. Delaney is a former NYT senior editor and winner of the 2010 Lifetime Achievement Award of the National Assoc. of Black Journalists. More on the “roundtable” later…Photo credit: Craig Herndon.

Fete Fete Fete

“If I hear of one more incestuous DC party, where journalists, politicians and lobbyists gather referred to as a “fete”, I may vomit #fb” — Veteran NBC Cameraman Jim Long in a weekend tweet.

Words of wisdom

“I need to stop living my life like it’s the 4th hour of the “Today” show.” — WaPo‘s Dan Zak in a weekend tweet.

Kardashian and Tschida: Soulmates

“Wow its snowing in Paris and our flight is snowed in now….should I cry now? We’ve been traveling for over 24 hrs w delays.” — Reality TV star Kim Kardashian in a weekend tweet. She’s sounding dangerously like local D.C.’s ABC7′s Stephen Tschida (the wild train ride tweeting dude). > Update: NJ‘s Susan Davis may have suffered a dash of Tschida over the weekend. She writes, “My train to Philly is running 30 minutes late. My train from Philly leaves in 30 minutes. Time for a Davis Family Not-Christmas Un-Miracle.”

You’ve been warned

“From an old friend inviting me to a birthday dinner with her coworkers: ‘Please behave.’” — Politico Ben Smith Assistant Byron Tau in a weekend tweet.

Reporters willing, liberated

“This says something about repeal of #DADT: Haven’t seen reporters as willing/liberated to admit their position on an issue in recent memory.” — Politico‘s Patrick Gavin in a weekend tweet referring to DADT legislation.

The Perpetual Editor

“Harry Reid needs a tweet editor — should be “DADT on its way to becoming history,” not it’s….” — Reuters White House Correspondent Patricia Zengerle in a weekend tweet.

Holiday chit chat torture

“Finding holiday party small talk excruciating without 140 character limit and block button.” — @pourmecoffee in a weekend tweet.

The bromance heats up

“Let the jealousy begin 4 @alivelshi — i’m about to board flight to Honolulu.” — CNN’s Senior White House Correspondent Ed Henry in a weekend tweet.

What is intelligence?

“Intelligence is the ability to take information from the world and to find patterns in that information that allow you to organize your perceptions and understand the external world.” — Columbia University Physicist Brian Greene in a NYT interview Sunday with Deborah Solomon.