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Your Imus Coverage


(Photo Credit: “Radio host Don Imus leaves his residence, Thursday, April 12, 2007, in New York. CBS fired Don Imus from his radio program Thursday, the finale to a stunning fall for one of the nation’s most prominent broadcasters. Imus initially was given a two-week suspension for calling the Rutgers women’s basketball team ‘nappy-headed hos’ on the air last week, but outrage continued to grow and advertisers bolted from his CBS radio show and its MSNBC simulcast. (AP Photo/David Karp)”

Get it all here.


From AP:

    CBS fired Don Imus from his radio show Thursday, the final blow for the broadcaster who called the Rutgers women’s basketball team “nappy- headed hos.”

Imus Snipping Back At Sharpton?

Barely 12 hours after being fired from MSNBC…

6:12 AM: On Imus’ radio program (no longer simulcast on MSNBC) this morning, Chris Carlin, who covers sports for the program, discussed yesterday’s dismissal of charges against the Duke lacrosse players.

(rough transcript)

    DON IMUS: When will Al Sharpton be apologizing to them?


    CARLIN: I’m unaware of such a press conference.

    IMUS: I’ll be darned…

UPDATE 6:28 AM: After a station break, Imus came back to discuss MSNBC’s decision. He said he was recently chatted with “another big time broadcasting executive” who was “complaining that [MSNBC] had cancelle the simulcast twelve hours before we were getting ready to conduct this radio-thon for these three charities.”

Imus: “My position on all of this is not whining about the hideously hypocritical coverage from the newspapers — from everybody — or the lack of support, say, from people like Harold Ford, Jr. who I had my life threatened over supporting and all these kind of things. It all began, and it doesn’t make any difference — like [James] Carville said — stop talking about the context, it doesn’t make any difference. If I hadn’t have said it I wouldn’t be here. So let’s stop whining about it…You gotta stop complaining. I said a stupid, idiotic thing that desperately hurt these kids. I’m going to apologize but we gotta move on.”

UPDATE 7:37 am. IMUS: “The hypocrisy is absurd…Everybody knows what the deal is. And this is not over. This story does not end here.”

Imus also gave a shout-out to Opie & Anthony, who support Imus on this issue.

UPDATE 7:57:

Imus says he spoke with MSNBC Senior VP Phil Griffin and said “some of the stuff that MSNBC has done this morning is frankly unethical and I’ve asked them to stop doing it.”

But also said, “I’m not whining about the coverage. I’m not whining about any aspect of this.”

“I’ve said 100 times: I said it and if I hadn’t said it, we wouodn’t be sitting here talking about it. And that’s the bottom line.”

Imus also said that losing television (via MSNBC) isn’t as big as losing radio. “The big part of the program is radio. There’s millions of people listening to the radio. At best a few hundred thousand are watching television.”

On MSNBC’s decision: “I understand the pressure they were under. I’m not stupid.”

UPDATE 8:15am: Speaking with an African-American woman, whose son had spent time at the Imus Ranch, Imus said, “And I want to say to you as an African-American woman, I’m sorry for what I said…I want to apologize to all African-American women.” The woman said, “Okay, I accept that.”

UPDATE 8:19AM: Imus said that one of the “sad ironies of my stupidity” is that, at his ranch, “we sent six kids home because they couldn’t stop calling girls bitches and hos.”

UPDATE 8:21AM: “I want to thank Opie & Anthony…I love them and I love what they do. I know they offend people perhaps more than I do. They’re good loyal guys…Even Howard [Stern] hasn’t been horrible.” (Although if you read this Stern show summary, seems like Stern still has his claws out against his longtime nemesis.)

UPDATE 8:28AM: Imus says that he’s had “a lot of big people in the media” calling him “whining about the hypocrsity in the coverage. We understand that. You just turn on the cable channels or read the newspaper, trying to portray me as some vicious racist or whatever and there’s not one person talking about the other things I’ve done…There’s a difference between premeditated murder and a gun going off…But you’ve got to take your medicine. I’m not whining about it.”

“Don’t tell me that context isn’t important. Context is importnat in everything we do in our lives. But it’s not an excuse.”

UPDATE 8:38AM: Despite the controversy, Imus says contributions for The Tomorrows Children Fund and the Imus Ranch are “way, way up” compared to this time in the show last year, which is significant because “the money’s more important this year than ever.”

He added: “These bastards went after me. They got me. But they didn’t catch me asleep.”

UPDATE 8:44AM: MSNBC’s Imus webpage is still up, with a statement and link to Imus’ charities.

UPDATE 8:45am: “One day you’ve got a radio and tv show and one day you don’t…Ordinarily we need to raise $3 million, this year we need to raise $100 million — just in case (Laughter).”

UPDATE 8:57AM: Tells his friends, “Don’t call me telling me that the coverage is unfair…If I hadn’t said it, there’d be no coverage…Shut up about it…I’ve been dishing it out for a long time, and now it’s my turn…I’m not going to whine about it.”

Imus also lets readers know that he’s doing today’s show in the MSNBC studio.

UPDATE 9:01AM: Charlie McCord says that they’ve raised over $400,000.

UPDATE 9:10AM: On MSNBC:I understand their decision.” “I appreciate them letting us use their studio this morning.”

To “all of my friends in the media, out of the media: You can’t whine about this…We wouldn’t have been there if I hadn’t said it.”

He again called media coverage “outrageously hypocritical.”

“Harold Ford, Jr. has been disgraceful in his lack of support. I endured death threats to endorse him…It’s unfortunate that he has no courage.”

“I’m not surprised by any of this. I’m not surprised at the hypocrisy of Al Sharpton, of Jesse Jackson or any of these people. But you can’t whine about it.”

“We can talk about all the good work that I’ve done forever, but I still said that. I’m not making any excuses. Everybody’s got to stop whining and quit talking about it.”

UPDATE 9:25AM: “I’ve dished it out for a long time and now it’s my time to take it. That’s fine. Bring it on.”

UPDATE 9:28AM: After one guest said “kick ass,” then followed that with “can I say that?” Imus said, “I think today you can say anything.”

UPDATE 9:37: “We’ve never done this well before” (regarding the radiothon)

: On meeting with the Rutgers basketball players: “I can’t go through the rest of my life — nor can they — without us having this conversation and me telling them how I feel and, more importantly, them telling me how they feel.”


Morning Reading List, 04.11.07

morningsun.gifGood morning Washington.

  • You think journalists like Tim Russert, Jeff Greenfield, etc. should not continue to appear on Don Imus’ radio program.

  • An ABC release announced that “World News with Charles Gibson” “was the #1 evening newscast among Total Viewers, Households and Adults 25-54 for the week of April 2. Averaging 8.08 million Total Viewers and a 2.0/8 among Adults 25-54, ‘World News’ outperformed NBC’s ‘Nightly News’ by 440,000 Total Viewers and 60,000 key demo viewers. This marks ABC’s greatest Total Viewing advantage over NBC in nearly nineteen months.”

  • A Facebook page supporting Tony Snow has been created.

  • A sneak peak at some of the VIPs expected during WHCA weekend.

  • The PEJ News Coverage Index for the week of April 1-6 shows, “The now-resolved hostage crisis with Iran attracted the most media coverage last week while the investigation into the fired U.S. attorneys went on temporary hiatus. But even with the voting 19 months away, the 2008 race for the White House continues to fascinate the press, the second story only behind the debate over the war in Iraq.”

  • The AP reports, “The Bush administration and the Defense Department are among the winners of the 2007 Jefferson Muzzle awards, given Tuesday by a free-speech group to those it considers the most egregious First Amendment violators in the past year.”

  • The Wall Street Journal reports, “In the battle for control of the Democratic Party, the George crowd is used to getting its way. So it’s revealing to watch the consternation in those precincts to the Congressional Black Caucus decision to co-sponsor a pair of Presidential primary debates this year with
    Fox News.”

  • From a reader, “I was trying to figure out why ABC is sending out so many breaking news updates on Imus: It’s because they’re the only network not involved. The show is for CBS Radio and NBC broadcasts it on MSNBC, so ABC must be loving dirtying everyone else’s sandbox….”

  • IMAO’s response to the New York Times article on making a blogger code of conduct: “Yawn.”

  • Atlantic Information Services, Inc. is looking for a Health Care Reporter/Editor.

  • The Associated Press is looking for an Editorial Assistant.
  • “Wall Street Journal publisher Dow Jones is said to be in advanced talks to buy Financial News, the London-based investment banking newspaper. A deal could be announced within days. Financial News is published every week and has its own real-time Web site with 40,000 subscribers.”

  • Newsday reports, “America’s newspapers are facing unprecedented challenges, say industry experts. No longer will publishers enjoy 20% to 40% profits. Today, large urban newspapers often produce profit margins in the teens, which many Wall Street investors find unsatisfying.”

  • Wall Street Journal tells us, “How Blogging Can Help You Get a New Job.”

  • Variety reports that in addition to John Edwards, Sen. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are passing on the Fox debate with the CBC. “A spokesman for Clinton told Daily Variety that she was only committing to debates sanctioned by the Democratic National Committee, which the Fox debate with the CBC is not.”

  • The Charlotte Observer opines, “The uproar over a racist insult by broadcaster Don Imus offers some interesting insights into the American entertainment machine.”

  • Ana Marie Cox: Apparently not a big fan of Mark Halperin.

  • From the Politico: Speaking of journos, White House reporters are apparently grumbling about the number of presidential hopefuls they have to cover, considering the election has started so early. There’s the Democratic field, the Republican field and, of course, Bush. This, we hear, has led to a whole new low: the Vacation Vote. Some journalists have apparently begun joking that they will vote for the candidate with the best vacation home — and after spending eight years watching Bush cutting down brush in Crawford, Texas, who can blame them?”

  • As the former Los Angeles Times bureau chief in Baghdad, Borzou Daragahi witnessed the tumultuous events of the Iraq war unfold during the 4 1/2 years he spent in Mesopotamia. Check out his personal narrative here.

  • Jonathan Martin notes, “What is most shocking to me, as a longtime Imus listener, is not so much that he eventually found himself in hot water, but that it took him so long to get there.”

  • Blah blah black sheep has a question “Only Washingtonians Would Ask: Do you think David Gregory has ever eaten at David Greggory?”

  • A reader asks, “Sign of the apocalypse?,, and all wasted the time and energy of their own staff writers to write stories on the Birkhead DNA test — OFF THE TV? Really, guys? *This* is what you want to spend your newsrooms’ precious time and resources doing, when wire copy would plenty suffice?”

  • A reader wrote in to say Jesse Jackson was “on Washington Post Radio (WTWP) at 6:00pm to weigh in on the Imus debate. He will be joined by guests, April Ryan & Michael Harrison.”

  • A reader says, “I wish they would bring Network (CNN) down to Washington dc.”

  • Morning Reading List, 03.30.07

    morningsun.gifGood morning Washington.

  • You laughed at Karl Rove. Not with him.

  • An NBC release announced that “Meet The Press with Tim Russert” won the week ending March 25 in all categories, both nationally and in Washington, D.C. “Meet” attracted 44% more viewers than CBS “Face the Nation,” 66% over ABC “This Week” and 248% more than FOX “News Sunday.”

  • Michael Getler didn’t love the “News War” finale.

  • Rachel Sklar has a “Dispatch From The ASNEs.”

  • From a reader: “Don’t ask why I remember this, but I recognize that NYT photo from the Kyle Sampson story: it’s from a Kit Seelye article from winter 2003ish about snowmobilers in Yellowstone.”

  • Another NBC release announced that “The Chris Matthews Show” was “the number-two rated Sunday morning public affairs show for the week ending March 25, 2007.”

  • The Pew weekly News Interest Index shows that while public interest in the Iraq war remained high last week, the fallout from the firing of eight U.S. attorneys by the Justice Department “failed to gain much traction with the public.”

  • Cousin TVNewser reports that David Gregory, and Don Imus had a friendly debate over which really is the number one nightly news show.

  • The AP reports, “Traditional media are seen to be fighting an uphill battle against Internet news and citizen journalists, despite questions over the credibility of the Web.”

  • Media Matter reports that Drudge has linked “to Politico 45 times during its two-month existence.”

  • Jay Rosen reports that Tim Porter and Michele McLellan have “change or die” findings from their tour of American newsrooms.

  • Paul Bedard reports that Bernadine Healy was giving her future son-in-law a hard time at her book party on Tuesday for his dangerous habit — rugby.

  • The Washingtonian’s write-up of last night’s Media Research Center awards gala.

  • BBC reports, “Among those calling for a bloggers’ code of conduct is Tim O’Reilly — one of the web’s most influential thinkers.”
  • Huffington Post’s Ankush Khardori asks, “Do Newspapers Need Ombudsmen?”

  • Poynter released the results of the EyeTrack07 study this week to the American Society of Newspaper Editors. Check out the results here. E&P has more on the study.

  • TVNewser reports, “ABC’s Chief White House Correspondent Martha Raddatz reported from the North Arabian Gulf on Wednesday, where she was the only Western journalist aboard the USS Eisenhower.”

  • Jonathan Chait, the new author of TRB, “talked with TNR Editor Franklin Foer about the role of a column and the challenges of writing one.”

  • From Cynopsis:

      Discovery Communications yesterday announced it would buy the 25% ownership stake in Discovery held by Cox Communications in exchange for $1.275 billion in cash, and the Travel Channel and its related business pieces. It is likely Cox will spin the network and put it up for sale. The end result for Discovery is it will now be owned by Liberty Media with a now 66% stake, and Advance/Newhouse with 33% ownership. The deal is expected to close in early third qtr 2007.

  • Theodora Blanchfield has been promoted from staff writer to Associate Editor at Campaigns & Elections magazine

  • IANS reports, “The murder of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl in Pakistan will be the subject of an investigative journalism seminar being planned by Georgetown University’s School of Continuing Studies.”

  • “The Loudoun Times-Mirror was honored March 24 as the best weekly newspaper in Virginia for its circulation size.”

  • Salon’s Rebecca Traister takes a look at Fox’s “Conserva-babe and star-in-the-making Rachel Marsden.”

  • Check out the 2007 RTNDA Regional Murrow Award recipients, including two awards for WTOP.

  • The Washington Times reports, that House lawmakers “said they are committed to a Feb. 17, 2009, deadline for transitioning to digital TV.”

  • Reuters reports, “Yahoo Inc. will offer international news from reporters working with U.S. newspaper publisher McClatchy Co., including a blog written by Iraqi staffers, the companies said on Wednesday.”

  • The AP is looking for a photographer in the Baltimore bureau.

  • E&E Publishing is seeking a Production Assistant for E&ETV.

  • No-Va Living Magazine is seeking a freelance Statistician/Researcher.

  • And we have some photos from the Week Opinion Awards:
      Bill Falk, Chip Bok, Michael Kinsley and Josh Fruhlinger

      Bill Falk, Justin Smith and Terry McAuliffe

  • And more:

    (L to R) Rhoda Glickman, former Deputy Chief of Staff, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and Beth E. Dozoretz, Senior Vice President, Value Options Healthcare join iVillage (a division of NBC Universal) President, Deborah Fine, Benita Fitzgerald Mosley, President of Women in Cable Telecommunications and Phyllis E. Greenberger, President and CEO, Society for Women’s Health Research in Washington D.C. for an advisory board meeting to launch iVillage Cares, a new national women’s advocacy program.


    (L to R) Benita Fitzgerald Mosley, President of Women in Cable Telecommunications, Phyllis E. Greenberger, President and CEO, Society for Women’s Health Research, Patricia de Stacy Harrison, President and CEO, Corporation for Public Broadcasting join iVillage (a division of NBC Universal) President, Deborah Fine in Washington D.C. for an advisory board meeting to launch iVillage Cares, a new national women’s advocacy program.