In which we check in with Gretawire to see what Oprah Van Susteren is chatting about and what her boisterous fan club is saying back.

Fox News’ Greta Van Suteren took to her “Gretawire” blog Sunday morning to vent about her long-delayed flight out of El Paso, Texas, and the sad state of affairs at American Airlines.

“[B]ecause of American Airlines lousy management and yes, the economy, AA has money problems and thus can not afford or do not have mechanics at this airport on the weekend,” Van Susteren wrote.

She said she and co-passengers had to deplane after being alerted to problems with the jet. “So what is the American’s back up solution?” she continued. “They have to call ‘contract mechanics’ to come to the airport to fix any problems.” At the end of her post, Van Susteren called out American Airlines for its “lousy management” but acknowledged the “great” flight attendant on the defunct plane.

Never fear. Her rambunctious fans offered explanations and advice.

It’s the unions!

“Greta… you have to remember… all work done on these planes are UNION worker/slackers… and we have seen what union workers do during their break time…”– Granniegoblin

It’s Obama!

“…a ‘flat at best’ economy…ROFL. Flat ONLY after Obama has driven the economy to the lowest level ever before but it was inevitable from a guy who never made a dime in his life from business. All Obama knows is how to appease ‘takers’ of which he is master at doing himself.”– Juspassinby