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A Little Birdy Tells Us…

Impending layoffs at The Washington Times, in which as much as a quarter of the newsroom employees could see pink slips, has allegedly been delayed until January. One theory for the delay is that the incompetence level of management is so high that they couldn’t get their act together in time. Another is that insider sourcing tells us that Laura, the wife of CEO Larry Beasley (whom the staff now privately refers to as “Evil Santa”) has broken her leg.

“How awful is it to hold the axe over everybody’s heads and just keep them all waiting in fear for months,” a TWT insider told FishbowlDC on condition of anonymity. “Worst possible way to handle for morale.”

A fascinating detail: The individual reviewing all the departments to decide who they retain is none other than John Solomon — who was shown the door as editor in 2009 and went on to the Center of Public Integrity and Newsweek. Solomon rarely stays at a job too long and is known for leaving under dubious circumstances.

TWT Newsroom Resorts to Dark Humor

Gallows humor is settling inside The Washington Times newsroom with each passing hour as layoffs loom in the foreground of the holiday season.

Employees are saying “Evil Santa” (the nickname bestowed on CEO Larry Beasley) is leading his reindeer to the slaughterhouse before Christmas. As for the picture here: That ugly reindeer crossing decoration is in the Human Resources office, from where the pink slips will be dispatched.

Reflecting on impending layoffs and talk of resignations beforehand, one journalist quipped, “If Evil Santa isn’t careful, he won’t have any reindeer left to make his Christmas Eve run.”

TWT’s ‘Evil Santa’ May Need Sensitivity Training

As Jennifer Aniston said of Brad Pitt when he trashed his marriage with her in Parade magazine, he’s missing a “sensitivity chip” from his brain. Well TWT‘s new CEO Larry Beasley may also have a chip missing or a screw loose. Take your pick.

This week a Santa with the word “JOY” was displayed on an end table in Beasley’s office the day after news broke of his staff dubbing him “Evil Santa” in the face of layoffs. It does sorta look like Beasley, doesn’t it?

But an even clearer sign of Beasley’s questionable sensitivities to the approximately quarter of the newsroom staff that is expected to be given pink slips: He had a new sofa moved into his executive suite Thursday.

“So while the newsroom is worried about layoffs, the out-of-touch CEO is worried about getting a more comfortable couch,” a TWT insider told FishbowlDC.

Merry Christmas Beasley!

TWT Newsroom Dubs CEO ‘Evil Santa’ in Face of Layoffs

The Washington Times newsroom is hitting a rough patch. And right around the holidays, it doesn’t matter who has been naughty or nice. As WaPo‘s Erik Wemple has been reporting this afternoon, about a quarter of the newsroom is expected to be given the axe. As a result, some in the newsroom are now calling the new head honcho, Larry Beasley, “Evil Santa.” And judging from this picture below, they may not be too far off.

Some other sketchball details: Beasley drove up from Florida to take the job as TWT CEO in his motorhome. Says a TWT insider: “How low rent is that? This has TWT staff freaking out because how temporary is that that the head of the company could just drive away at any time and not look back — wouldn’t even have to pack. He was dusted off and brought out of retirement to take the job.” The clincher: The newsroom is afraid his real job is to close the newspaper and head back down into the Florida sunset.

Even so, the memo circulating this afternoon says the newspaper is absolutely “not folding.”

UPDATE: Jim Robbins resigned Monday from position as senior editorial writer for foreign affairs at The Washington Times. He resigned effective immediately. No notice.

See the memo from Editor David JacksonRead more

TWT’s Brett Decker Calls it Quits

TWT has announced the resignation of its Editorial Page Editor Brett Decker. He has held the position since 2009. Among his predecessors are the late Tony Blankley and Tony Snow.

At least outwardly everyone is playing nice, although the release couldn’t sound more stiff and political. President and CEO Larry Beasley “thanked Mr. Decker for his contributions in furthering The Times’ reputation as a leading voice of conservative thought and opinion, and said The Times will continue to build on that reputation as it adapts to serve its readers in today’s fast-changing digital news environment.”

TWT is on the prowl for a new Editorial Page Editor. Until then… Read more

Ed Kelley Out at TWT

The Washington Time’s new President Larry Beasley has a strange, delayed way with words and a gigantic announcement out today. It’s that Executive Editor Ed Kelley is leaving to pursue “other opportunities” and they’re on the hunt to replace him. He waits five graphs to get to the news. Talk about burying the lede.

While the search is on, the newsroom will report to Managing Editor Chris Dolan. Kelley arrived at TWT in June of 2011.

See the internal memo. Read more

TWT President Announces His Own Promotion

With the resignation of Douglas Joo, Tom McDevitt, formerly President of TWT, is now Chairman of the publication and its Board of Directors. Joo is reportedly focusing his time on “new assignments in Korea,” leaving a vacancy for McDevitt. The newspaper has hired Larry Beasley as the new President and CEO. The board formally learned of Joo’s resignation at an Oct. 3 meeting. Joo, a member of the Unification Church, which, in part, owns the Times, had worked for the newspaper for 30 years. U.S. News & World Report reported on Monday that Beasley is the first President who isn’t a member of the Unification Church. They reported the news of Joo’s “abrupt departure” on Saturday. Hmmm….is 30 years abrupt? They do hint at a pending lawsuit in Korea.

See the internal memo…

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