Hey FishbowlDC! Meet our brag book buddy, Stephen Langel! Langel most recently hit the Hill as the health care policy reporter for Roll Call. If you ask us, NOW is a pretty good time to snatch up this reporter. We’ve even got one of his articles posted after the jump. Check it out.

Doing my job.jpgWonder how Langel writes such caliente pieces? Well, Stephen hails from Miami, Florida. He graduated from Florida State University with a B.S. in Communications and from University of Florida with a J.D. He’s been covering politics and policy on the Hill for a decade, including every step of the health care debate over the past several years.

What working journalist do you most admire and why? Louis Jacobson – a reporter’s editor and a great friend. Mary Agnes Carey, who is a great reporter and an even greater person. Ceci Connolly – for her understanding of the nuance of complicated health care issues. Robert Pear for his unparalleled contacts and kind demeanor.

Proudest moment in your career? My ability, throughout my career to match or beat competitors who have more staff, resources and name recognition than I or my publications do.

What is something that most people don’t know about you? I love golf, but it doesn’t love me.

What’s your guilty pleasure? I have an unending loyalty to several teams – the Florida State Seminoles, Miami Dolphins and Florida Marlins – who frustrate me to no end. Also, Reality TV. I know I should hate it, but it’s so easy to find villains on these shows, that I get hooked.

What/who is your dream interview? God. No bigger get than that.

Anything else we should know? I am nothing without my wonderful friends on and off the Hill who have been terrific sources for me. I owe them everything.

If you’re looking for happenin’ health care policy reporter, now is your chance. Hit up our man, Stephen Langel via email at or by letting us know you’d like the hook up. We’ll gladly put you in touch. And don’t forget to check out one of Stephen’s stories after the jump.

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