facebookeff.jpgYesterday TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington posted an angry response to Simon & Schuster following a lengthy email exchange about his posting of excerpts from a book.

Last week TechCrunch posted excerpts from The Facebook Effect: The Inside Story of the Company by David Kirkpatrick. Arrington reprinted the email exchange he had with publicists and lawyers asking him to remove the excerpts–they expected he would only post excerpts of the excerpts.

Here’s the heart of Arrington’s post: “So just to be very clear, Simon & Schuster is threatening legal action unless I take down my post linking to pre-sales of the book and giving it a huge thumbs up. Because I posted excerpts of the book that are also posted online on Fortune and other sites … In my world, where content is quickly ripped off without attribution every day, a link is gold.”

In June, our video interview program Media Beat will host an exclusive interview with Kirkpatrick about his book. Simon & Schuster responds after the jump…

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