Last week the popular Tumblr blog Hipster Puppies nabbed a book deal with NAL/Penguin, bringing cute pictures of puppies in sunglasses, mustaches, and hip neck scarves to bookstores. Like that literary pooch pictured above, your dog could star earn its own page.

The book will be written by Christopher Weingarten, the freelance journalist behind the site and the Twitter review experiment 1000 Times Yes. He is currently seeking hipster puppy photos to include in the book.

We caught up with Weingarten to find out more about the deal: “The book came about as a part of the natural tumblr-to-book ecosystem. After the Hipster Puppies tumblr exploded in popularity, my agent, Paul Bresnick, worked a small miracle. Now I spend entire days where I do nothing but look at adorable dog photos. NAL/Penguin are the total heroes behind it, led by Danielle Perez, the Executive Editor,” he explained.

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