Veteran literary agent, e-book publisher and industry blogger, Richard Curtis is not known for keeping mum on what is going right or what is wrong in the book publishing. That is why we were grateful to ask him what he foresees as happening to the book publishing industry in the next 10 Years.

Richard Curtis: What Changes Do You See for Book Publishing in the Next 10 Years?

“1. First and foremost I predict that the size and price of Espresso print on demand will come down to the point where POD kiosks will be installed in non-bookstores like supermarkets, libraries, pharmacies and the like. Which means that…

2. The grip of Barnes & Noble as the go-to bookseller will be loosened. You’ll be able to buy a book at Publix, Duane Reade, or Starbucks. You’ll have a selection of millions of titles, not just what can be packed into the shelves and tables of a brick and mortar bookstore.

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