1070.jpgAuthor Kathryn Joyce explores the Christian patriarchy movement in her new book, “Quiverfull.” GalleyCat caught up with Joyce for an interview about her research.

Joyce analyzes the work of countless evangelical Christians authors, including Debi Pearl and Michael Pearl–authors of the controversial “To Train Up a Child,” which encourages parents to use corporal punishment with their children. Joyce discovered these authors earn nearly one million dollars a year, writing: “Michael Pearl has said that a sixth of the three million home-schooling families in America use his materials.”

In her interview, Joyce discussed religious stories to look for in the future: “I think some stories to watch in the next year or so include the ways in which the conservative movement and the religious right are restructuring themselves; at the evolution of a vocal religious left and the continued journey of the more politically centrist progressive evangelical movement, and the tensions that exist between them; and how the enduring culture war issues like gay marriage and abortion are fought under a Democratic administration.”

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