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MB Blogs: 03.31.08

Master the Face-to-Face Pitch

Newsfeed Update: 03.31.08

The Morning Newsfeed: 03.31.08

This Week in mb

MB Blogs: 03.28.08

Job Cuts Galore

Tie Your Byline to These Bridal Guides

Newsfeed Update: 03.28.08

The Morning Newsfeed: 03.28.08

MB Blogs: 03.27.08

Developing: Woman's Day Cuts Five Edit Staffers

First on TVNewser: 20+ Jobs Cut in ABC News Reorg.

Design Bylines Just a Step Away

Newsfeed Update: 03.27.08

The Morning Newsfeed: 03.27.08

MB Blogs: 03.26.08

Lunch: Anna Wintour & Coming Soon — The Rolling Stones!

First on FishbowlLA: Features Editor Leaves Hollywood Reporter

Bestselling Author States His Case

Fugging Straight to the Bookstore

BREAKING: NYT Gets Rickrolled

Newsfeed Update: 03.26.08

The Morning Newsfeed: 03.26.08

MB Blogs: 03.25.08

Radio Ready to Reap Merger Rewards?

Developing: Is Washington Post's EE Len Downie Leaving?

Hungry for Web Articles

Newsfeed Update: 03.25.08

The Morning Newsfeed: 03.25.08

MB Blogs: 03.24.08

BREAKING: XM-Sirius Merger Approved

First on TVNewser: Sullivan Leaves Bloomberg for FBN

BREAKING: Michael Kelly Award Finalists Announced

Propel Your Book to the Top of the Bestseller List

Newsfeed Update: 03.24.08

The Morning Newsfeed: 03.24.08

The Week in mb

MB Blogs: 03.21.08

A Newsday Bidding War?

Bringing Bookstores Into the 21st Century

Delight in a Cable-Related Byline

Newsfeed Update: 03.21.08

The Morning Newsfeed: 03.21.08

MB Blogs: 03.20.08

FBLA Exclusive: Alan Miller Leaving LAT

Take Your Story Ideas Uptown

Newsfeed Update: 03.20.08

The Morning Newsfeed: 03.20.08

MB Blogs: 03.19.08

Lunch: The British Are Coming — Tomorrow!

First on NBCU Puts Two Stations Up for Sale

An Atlantic State of Mind

First on '08 Ellie Noms — Complete List of Articles, Writers, Titles

Ace the Job Interview

Newsfeed Update: 03.19.08

The Morning Newsfeed: 03.19.08

MB Blogs: 03.18.08

Foreign Correspondents Find a Happy Home

A One-Stop Shop for Nonfiction

Newsfeed Update: 03.18.08

The Morning Newsfeed: 03.18.08

MB Blogs: 03.17.08

Craft the Perfect Email Pitch

Newsfeed Update: 03.17.08

The Morning Newsfeed: 03.17.08

The Week in mb

MB Blogs: 03.14.08

Mediabistro Circus Comes to Town

BREAKING: John Decerchio Says Goodbye To Doner

13 Million Wake Up to Your Story

Newsfeed Update: 03.14.08

The Morning Newsfeed: 03.14.08

MB Blogs: 03.13.08

Put This Zip Code on Your Pitching Schedule

Newsfeed Update: 03.13.08

The Morning Newsfeed: 03.13.08

MB Blogs: 03.12.08

Lunch: Valerie Bertinelli Weighs In

Hitting the Campaign Trail With Rolling Stone

From 'Modern Love' to Maximum Exposure

Newsfeed Update: 03.12.08

The Morning Newsfeed: 03.12.08

MB Blogs: 03.11.08

Rupert's Recession Arrives

Strengthen Your Clip Portfolio

Newsfeed Update: 03.11.08

The Morning Newsfeed: 03.11.08

MB Blogs: 03.10.08

Ascend the Job Ladder to Glorious New Heights

Newsfeed Update: 03.10.08

The Morning Newsfeed: 03.10.08

Breaking: SXSWi '08: Liveblogging the Failed Interview of Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg

This Week in mb

MB Blogs: 03.07.08

More Newspaper Misery

Time for Gotham-centric Stories

Newsfeed Update: 03.07.08

The Morning Newsfeed: 03.07.08

MB Blogs: 03.06.08

Shelley Ross Out as Early Show EP

A Plum Time for Your Pregnancy Pitch

Newsfeed Update: 03.06.08

The Morning Newsfeed: 03.06.08

MB Blogs: 03.05.08

Lunch: Diane Sawyer, Star Jones & a Shy Carl Bernstein

Staying InStyle With Celebrity

Social Networking for Famous Authors and Their Fans

Newsfeed Update: 03.05.08

The Morning Newsfeed: 03.05.08

MB Blogs: 03.04.08

TVNewser ST2 Live Blog

Comstock Loses Place in iVillage

Get A Fact-Checking Life

Newsfeed Update: 03.04.08

The Morning Newsfeed: 03.04.08

MB Blogs: 03.03.08

The Going Rate for Newsletter Writing

Newsfeed Update: 03.03.08

The Morning Newsfeed: 03.03.08

The Week in mb

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