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MB Blogs: 04.30.08

Lunch: Moguls, Mavens and a Vampire Primer

TV Guide Lays Off Nine Edit Staffers

A Geographic State of Mind

Award Nomination Springs From 100-Day Reporting Trip

Newsfeed Update: 04.30.08

The Morning Newsfeed: 04.30.08

MB Blogs: 04.29.08

The Long, Slow Death of the Daily Newspaper

Build An Award-Caliber Media Site

Newsfeed Update: 04.29.08

The Morning Newsfeed: 04.29.08

MB Blogs: 04.28.08

Dancing With the Stars Hostess on Paula Abdul

Ellie-Nominated Writer in a Coal Mine

Newsfeed Update: 04.28.08

The Morning Newsfeed: 04.28.08

The Week in mb

MB Blogs: 04.25.08

Even the NYT's Not Immune

Landing a Byline Isn't Complex

Newsfeed Update: 04.25.08

The Morning Newsfeed: 04.25.08

MB Blogs: 04.24.08

All-Star Writers Wanted

Newsfeed Update: 04.24.08

The Morning Newsfeed: 04.24.08

MB Blogs: 04.23.08

Lunch: Politics As Usual

New ME and EE at LAT

Wining and Dining the White House Press Corps

From ABC to The ABC's

Newsfeed Update: 04.23.08

The Morning Newsfeed: 04.23.08

MB Blogs: 04.22.08

TVNewser PA Primary Live Blog

Former Showtime Exec Hired as CEO of New Channel

WSJ ME Jumps Ship

Larry King and CNN Agree to Contract Extension

Katie Couric Scores Lowest Ratings Since Records Kept

Score Big With Sports Stories

Newsfeed Update: 04.22.08

The Morning Newsfeed: 04.22.08

Jeff Koons On the Roof

MB Blogs: 04.21.08

CBS Dems Debate Cancelled

Garner a Guest Blog Spot

Newsfeed Update: 04.21.08

The Morning Newsfeed: 04.21.08

This Week in mb

MB Blogs: 04.18.08

All-For-Nots Inch mb Circus Closer to Circus

An Easy Job Interview

CNN's Quest Arrested on Drug Charges

Moonves on Couric: Our Anchor Long Into the Future

Every Day Wants Your Yummy Pitches

Newsfeed Update: 04.18.08

The Morning Newsfeed: 04.18.08

MB Blogs: 04.17.08

Scripts? What Scripts?

Are You Improper Enough?

Newsfeed Update: 04.17.08

The Morning Newsfeed: 04.17.08

MB Blogs: 04.16.08

Lunch: Bottoms Up!

1,400 Newsweeks Later...

Taking On The Epic Biography

Newsfeed Update: 04.16.08

The Morning Newsfeed: 04.16.08

MB Blogs: 04.15.08

ABC Correspondent: 'All Three [Presidential Candidates] Will Give You Heartburn'

Elle's Fashion Director Shown the Runway

Comedian Reponds to Boston Herald Story Pickup

The Morality of Media

Newsfeed Update: 04.15.08

The Morning Newsfeed: 04.15.08

MB Blogs: 04.14.08

Fantasizing About Your Dream City Job?

Gawker Media Parts With Three Sites

Newsfeed Update: 04.14.08

The Morning Newsfeed: 04.14.08

The Week in mb

Nina Garcia Out at Elle

MB Blogs: 04.11.08

It's Sayonara for Oprah's EIC's CEO/Publisher Steps Down

Interested in International News? This Pub Wants You

Newsfeed Update: 04.11.08

The Morning Newsfeed: 04.11.08

MB Blogs: 04.10.08

CCO of EnergyBBDO, Marty Orzio, Leaves Agency

Judge Dismisses Most of Dan Rather Suit

Promenade Into These Glossy Pages

Newsfeed Update: 04.10.08

The Morning Newsfeed: 04.10.08

MB Blogs: 04.09.08

Lunch: Kathie Lee Holds Court

Hollywood's Brooklyn New Yorker

Get Well-Written Work 'Well-Published'

Newsfeed Update: 04.09.08

The Morning Newsfeed: 04.09.08

MB Blogs: 04.08.08

NYT Mag Takes on Chris Matthews

Checking Out Newseum

CNN-CBS Mega-Merger?

Simple Sells When Pitching TV Spots

Anderson Cooper EP to EP Campbell Brown's Show

Newsfeed Update: 04.08.08

The Morning Newsfeed: 04.08.08

MB Blogs: 04.07.08

An Interview With CityBeat's Arts Editor

Pulitzer Prize Winners Announced

The Next Best Way to Internet Writing Fame

Newsfeed Update: 04.07.08

The Morning Newsfeed: 04.07.08

The Week in mb

MB Blogs: 04.04.08

FBLA Exclusive: Life After Idol? Summer Camp

Tina's HuffPo?

The Making of a Media 'It' Girl

Part of a Balanced Freelance Diet

Newsfeed Update: 04.04.08

The Morning Newsfeed: 04.04.08

BREAKING: CBS Scores a Debate

MB Blogs: 04.03.08

FishbowlLA Exclusive: 18-Year Vet to Leave Orange County Register

Emily Gould New GalleyCat Blogger

L.A. Times Scoops the Snoops

An Ode to Your Writing

Newsfeed Update: 04.03.08

The Morning Newsfeed: 04.03.08

MB Blogs: 04.02.08

Lunch: Renee Zellweger Stops By

Covering the Campaign, By George

A Jaded Jetsetter Takes On the Travel Industry

Newsfeed Update: 04.02.08

The Morning Newsfeed: 04.02.08

MB Blogs: 04.01.08

No More Newsweek As We Know It

1% of CBS News Staff Cut

MFA=Major Freelancer Advantages?

Departing LAT Vet — 'I'll Miss the Place a Lot'

Newsfeed Update: 04.01.08

The Morning Newsfeed: 04.01.08

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