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Our Blog Network: 10.31.08

Studs Terkel Dies

Time's Up at Time Inc., Conde Nast, Others

Pitch New, Spirited Lifestyle Features

Newsfeed Update: 10.31.08

Warm Up In Winter, Writers

The Morning Newsfeed: 10.31.08

Our Blog Network: 10.30.08

Conde Nast Portfolio Drops To 10 Issues/Year; Men's Vogue Drops To Two Issues/Year

Joe the Plumber's Publicist: 'Today Was One of the Busiest Days I've Had'

Newsfeed Update: 10.30.08

Feel Like Vegging Out?

The Morning Newsfeed: 10.30.08

Our Blog Network: 10.29.08

Breaking: OC Register Lays Off 110

Lunch: Jane Fonda & Jerry Seinfeld

Son Of Tim Russert Makes A Name For Himself

Stretch Your (Clip) Portfolio

Newsfeed Update: 10.29.08

Looking For Answers, Writers?

The Morning Newsfeed: 10.29.08

Our Blog Network: 10.28.08

LAT Lays Off 10 Percent Of Newsroom

The Press List: Media Events Worth Knowing About

mb Original Video: AgencySpy's "The Week in Advertising"

Job Seekers, Make A PR-Polished Impression

Newsfeed Update: 10.28.08

Trick Or Treat At These Kids' Mags

The Morning Newsfeed: 10.28.08

Our Blog Network: 10.27.08

L.A. Times Cuts 75 Editorial Jobs

'Complicated, Moving Stories' Score At This Agency

Newsfeed Update: 10.27.08

Looking For High-Profile Bylines?

The Morning Newsfeed: 10.27.08

This Week in mb

Our Blog Network: 10.24.08

Bad News for Mags: Radar, 02138 Fold

Harvard University Mag 02138 Folds

Breaking: RadarOnline Sold to AMI, Magazine Shuttered

Party Photos!

Break In With Your Irreverent Take On Parenting

Newsfeed Update: 10.24.08

Pay It Forward While Landing A Byline

The Morning Newsfeed: 10.24.08

Our Blog Network: 10.23.08

FishbowlNY Exclusive: Time Inc. Layoffs Confirmed

Freelancers, Pitch This Business Outlet

Newsfeed Update: 10.23.08

Did You Hear The News, Freelancers?

The Morning Newsfeed: 10.23.08

Our Blog Network: 10.22.08

Lunch: Heather Mills Holds Court

The Media Mind Behind

Bloggers, Take The Next Step

'Salary Dump' At Mediaweek, Brandweek

Our Blog Network: 10.22.08

Newsfeed Update: 10.22.08

Seeking Scholarly Freelancers

The Morning Newsfeed: 10.22.08

Our Blog Network: 10.21.08

NBC's Half-Billion Budget Slash To Affect Staffing

mb Original Video: AgencySpy's "The Week in Advertising"

Layoffs At Nielsen Business Media

Authors, Take Your Fiction To The Top

Newsfeed Update: 10.21.08

Trying For New Bylines, Freelancers?

The Morning Newsfeed: 10.21.08

Our Blog Network: 10.20.08

Hungry For Food Writing Bylines?

Newsfeed Update: 10.20.08

Tie The Knot, Freelancers

The Morning Newsfeed: 10.20.08

This Week in mb

Our Blog Network: 10.17.08

Falling Ad Sales Lead to Layoffs, Hiring Freezes

Jane Velez Mitchell Gets Beck's Old Slot

Nervousness At the OC Register

Freelancers, Dwell On Pitch Ideas For This Mag

Newsfeed Update: 10.17.08

Freelance With A Southern Accent

The Morning Newsfeed: 10.17.08

Our Blog Network: 10.16.08

Freelancers, These Green Mags Need You

Newsfeed Update: 10.16.08

Take Care Of Yourselves, Freelancers

The Morning Newsfeed: 10.16.08 Does the Presidential Debate

Our Blog Network: 10.15.08

Lunch: Liz Smith, Mike Ovitz and the Rest of the Gossip Gang

An Inside Look At Outside's Editor

Secure A Freelance Gig With The Perfect Pitch

Newsfeed Update: 10.15.08

Freelance for a Living

The Morning Newsfeed: 10.15.08

Our Blog Network: 10.14.08

mb Original Video: AgencySpy Debuts "The Week in Advertising"

Layoffs Hit NYT's Editorial Staff

Hands-on Agent Seeks Narrative Nonfiction

Newsfeed Update: 10.14.08

Freelancers, Write Parenting Features

The Morning Newsfeed: 10.14.08

Our Blog Network: 10.13.08

Authors, Set Your Sites On Success

Newsfeed Update: 10.13.08

Get Down To Business, Freelancers

The Morning Newsfeed: 10.13.08

This Week in mb

Our Blog Network: 10.10.08

Carter Corrals Big Names for VF Stable

Freelancers, Pitch Elle's Feature Well

Newsfeed Update: 10.10.08

Freelance with an Eco-Friendly Focus

The Morning Newsfeed: 10.10.08

Our Blog Network: 10.09.08

Freelance for Consumers

Newsfeed Update: 10.09.08

Freelancers, Foray Into The West

The Morning Newsfeed: 10.09.08

ABC Draws Highest Viewership Of All Debates

Our Blog Network: 10.08.08

Lunch: Joy Behar, Star Jones & Another Sarah Palin Doppelganger

Wired Author Stands Out in the Crowd

Explore New Freelance Opportunities

Newsfeed Update: 10.08.08

Make History, Freelancers

The Morning Newsfeed: 10.08.08

Our Blog Network: 10.07.08 Does the Presidential Debate

Struggling LAT To Cut 75 More Jobs

Drawing A Web Audience From Scratch

Newsfeed Update: 10.07.08

Freelance With A Financial Angle

The Morning Newsfeed: 10.07.08

LAT Expects More Newsroom Cuts

Portfolio's Jack Flack to

FishbowlNY: Today at the American Magazine Conference Sessions

Our Blog Network: 10.06.08

Authors, Get Discovered

Newsfeed Update: 10.06.08

Do It Yourself, Freelancers

The Morning Newsfeed: 10.06.08

This Week in mb

FNC Tops Cablers: Most Viewers in Network History

Our Blog Network: 10.03.08

'Brutal Measures:' Denton Axes 19 At Gawker Media

Brew Up A Freelancing Gig

Newsfeed Update: 10.03.08

Freelance In the Skies

The Morning Newsfeed: 10.03.08 Does The Vice Presidential Debate

Our Blog Network: 10.02.08

Girlfriend, Try Freelance Travel Writing

Newsfeed Update: 10.02.08

Listen Up, Freelancers

The Morning Newsfeed: 10.02.08

Our Blog Network: 10.01.08

Lunch: Karenna Gore Schiff, George Tenet & Politics As Usual

This EIC and ASME Pres Lives The 'Rodale Lifestyle'

Get A Read On Book Editors

Newsfeed Update:10.01.08

Freelance On A New Wavelength

The Morning Newsfeed: 10.01.08

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