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Social Networks Not Ready for Business?

This Week in mb

Where No Freelancer Has Gone Before

Something To Be Thankful For

Our Blog Network: 11.26.08

Onward, Forward, And Vertical

Newsfeed Update: 11.26.08

Write At Your Leisure

The Morning Newsfeed: 11.26.08

Our Blog Network: 11.25.08

Mo' Money for HuffPo While Mags Suffer

mb Original Video: AgencySpy's "The Week in Advertising"

Bilingual Book Agency

Newsfeed Update: 11.25.08

Small Portions, Big Opportunities

The Morning Newsfeed: 11.25.08

Our Blog Network: 11.24.08

Foreign Journalist Takes A Local Approach

Newsfeed Update: 11.24.08

A Woman's Perspective

The Morning Newsfeed: 11.24.08

Yahoo's Critical Next Moves

This Week in mb

Our Blog Network: 11.21.08

Another UnLucky Week For Conde, Time Inc.

Pitch This Feature Well

Newsfeed Update: 11.21.08

Cross-Country Freelancing

The Morning Newsfeed: 11.21.08

Our Blog Network: 11.20.08

Get Some Southern Exposure

Newsfeed Update: 11.20.08

Indulge Your Inner Child

The Morning Newsfeed: 11.20.08

Our Blog Network: 11.19.08

Lunch: What Brought The CEOs of NBCU & Viacom Together?

Editor Transforms Newspaper's Web Approach

Ziff Davis Media's PCMag Goes Online-Only

Trying To Land A Book Deal?

Newsfeed Update: 11.19.08

Pitch Without Inhibition

The Morning Newsfeed: 11.19.08

Our Blog Network: 11.18.08

Who Will Take Yahoo CEO Yang's Place?

mb Original Video: AgencySpy's "The Week in Advertising"

Boost Your Bankability, Freelancers

Newsfeed Update: 11.18.08

Relish A Food Byline

The Morning Newsfeed: 11.18.08

Our Blog Network: 11.17.08

E.D. Hill To Leave Fox News Channel

The Press List: Media Events Worth Knowing About

New York Times Shutters Play

Media Money Matters

Newsfeed Update: 11.17.08

Get These Guys' Attention

The Morning Newsfeed: 11.17.08

Social Media For The Military

This Week in mb

Our Blog Network: 11.14.08

Gawker, Time Cut Further Ahead Of Deepening Ad Slump

Women's Mag Editors On Powering Through A Downturn

Nab A National Byline

Newsfeed Update: 11.14.08

Exercise Your Research Skills

The Morning Newsfeed: 11.14.08

Our Blog Network: 11.13.08

Lunch: An Elton John Lovefest!

Print Your Name Here

Newsfeed Update: 11.13.08

Break In With An 'In'

The Morning Newsfeed: 11.13.08

Our Blog Network: 11.12.08

Sex Columnist Gives Newspapers Tough Love

Active Interest Media Cuts Workforce By 10 Percent

Think You've Got A Lot To Offer?

Newsfeed Update: 11.12.08

Big Cities, Big Stories

The Morning Newsfeed: 11.12.08

Our Blog Network: 11.11.08

Time (Inc.) For Volunteers

mb Original Video: AgencySpy's "The Week in Advertising"

Make The Right Impression

Carl Quintanilla Chats Live

Newsfeed Update: 11.11.08

Take Off With A Byline

The Morning Newsfeed: 11.11.08

Our Blog Network: 11.10.08

The Press List: Media Events Worth Knowing About

Keith Olbermann Signs New Deal with MSNBC

Twitter Out Of Jail

Get A Handle On Restricted Interviews

Newsfeed Update: 11.10.08

Make A Feature Presentation

The Morning Newsfeed: 11.10.08

An Unmistakable Web 2.0 Election

This Week in mb

Our Blog Network: 11.07.08

Obama Win Saves Print For A Day

Blueprint For A Perfect Pitch

Newsfeed Update: 11.07.08

Cutting Edge Pitches

The Morning Newsfeed: 11.07.08

Our Blog Network: 11.06.08

Ink A Byline

TVNewser Live Chat With Greta Van Susteren

Newsfeed Update: 11.06.08

Scope Out A Luxurious Freelance Gig

The Morning Newsfeed: 11.06.08

BBDO To Lay Off As Many As 200

Our Blog Network: 11.05.08

Lunch: The Special Post-Election Edition

Woman Working For The Motherlode

Adapt To A Digital World

Newsfeed Update: 11.05.08

New Adventures In Writing

The Morning Newsfeed: 11.05.08 Blogs Election Day

Our Blog Network: 11.04.08

Cuts Come To Rodale

mb Original Video: AgencySpy's "The Week in Advertising" Election Special

Magazine Strategy Smackdown

Newsfeed Update: 11.04.08

Pitching Local Politics

The Morning Newsfeed: 11.04.08

Our Blog Network: 11.03.08

Rodale Lays Off 111 Employees

The Press List: Media Events Worth Knowing About

Is Your Voice 'Eclectic, Dark, And Funny'?

Newsfeed Update: 11.03.08

Opinions Wanted

The Morning Newsfeed: 11.03.08

This Week in mb

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