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Navigating The New Media World

Newsfeed Update: 12.31.08

Morning Media Menu: December 31

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Authors, Make Your Latest Manuscript A Hit

Newsfeed Update: 12.30.08

Morning Media Menu: December 30

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Toast The New Year With A Bubbly Pitch

Newsfeed Update: 12.29.08

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Mag Director Takes Brand To New Dimensions

Looking For Inspiration?

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Who Will Replace WaPo's Web Editor?

mb Original Video: AgencySpy's "The Week in Advertising"

Invigorate Your Freelance Career

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Take Your Pitch To The Web

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This Week in mb

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Oprah's Production Co. Changes Channels

Paste Your Byline Here

Newsfeed Update: 12.19.08

Morning Media Menu: December 19

Have You Been Good This Year?

The Morning Newsfeed: 12.19.08

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BBDO Cutting 189 Jobs Across North America

Respect Your Eldrs

Newsfeed Update: 12.18.08

Got Paper And A Pen?

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Lunch: Tom Brokaw Holds Court; Jane Friedman Works The Room

Diana Henriques Ponders Free Speech

Publishing Maven Wows On The Web

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Morning Media Menu: December 17

Are You A Good Storyteller?

The Morning Newsfeed: 12.17.08

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Media World A-Twitter Over Job Cuts

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Local Focus Drives Magazine Growth

Newsfeed Update: 12.16.08

Make A Proposal, Freelancers

Morning Media Menu: December 16

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The Press List: Recession-Themed Fetes Fill Media's Dance Card

Stand Corrected

Newsfeed Update: 12.15.08

Delightful Ideas

The Morning Newsfeed: 12.15.08

Yahoo Counting On New Ad Tech As Woes Mount

This Week in mb

Our Blog Network: 12.12.08

NPR Tunes In To 'Uncertain' Economy, Lays Off 64

Wired For Success

Leave No Brand Behind

Newsfeed Update: 12.12.08

Have You Been Good This Year?

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Hannity To Premiere January 12 On FNC

Show Off Your Freelance Range

Newsfeed Update: 12.11.08

Travel Write With Style

Morning Media Menu: December 11

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Lunch: Why So Glum, Anna Wintour & Ralph Lauren?

Designer Edward Leida Launches Web Site

View From Behind The Scenes

Editing On Either Side of the Atlantic

Newsfeed Update: 12.10.08

Connected To The Teen Beat?

Morning Media Menu: December 10

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What Will Tribune Co. Bankruptcy Mean For Staffers?

mb Original Video: AgencySpy's "The Week in Advertising"

Yahoo! Preps for Layoffs; 1,500 Expected

Power To The People On Politics Site

Newsfeed Update: 12.09.08

Pitch A New World View

The Morning Newsfeed: 12.09.08

Our Blog Network: 12.08.08

Tribune Co. Files For Bankruptcy

The Press List: Eggnog And Unemployment At Early Holiday Parties

Turbo-Charged Election Reporting

Newsfeed Update: 12.08.08

Stories That Pop

The Morning Newsfeed: 12.08.08

Twitter CEO Predicts Revenues in '09

This Week in mb

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Scarborough, Brzezinski Begin Radio Show Monday

Who's Out At NBC?

Have Fun With Food Writing

Newsfeed Update: 12.05.08

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All You Need For A Perfect Pitch

Newsfeed Update: 12.04.08

A Sense of Self

NBCU To Cut 500 Jobs From Global Workforce

The Morning Newsfeed: 12.04.08

Our Blog Network: 12.03.08

Lunch: Carl Bernstein: Bush 'Straight Talk' Book Would Sell

Layoffs Hit The Book World

Alpha (Media) Male Takes An Interactive Approach

Miles O'Brien To Leave CNN

Take Your Book To The Web

Newsfeed Update: 12.03.08

Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

The Morning Newsfeed: 12.03.08

Our Blog Network: 12.02.08

Meet The Press Gets Its Man?

When Is A Buyout Best?

New Staff Cuts At Gawker, Gizmodo and Jezebel

Newsfeed Update: 12.02.08

Go The Alternative Route

The Morning Newsfeed: 12.02.08

Our Blog Network: 12.01.08

The Press List: December's 'Media Meshing' To Be The Last

Want To Take Hollywood By Storm?

Newsfeed Update: 12.01.08

The Morning Newsfeed: 12.01.08

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