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This Week in mb

Our Blog Network: 05.29.09

Reorg Looms For Spun-Off AOL

Breaking: JWT Chicago Remains Open as Field Office

Slate A Spot on this Site with Cultural Insights

Newsfeed Update: 05.29.09

Go Beyond the Garden Variety at These Pubs

Listen: Author and Mediabistro Circus Speaker Keith Ferrazzi

The Morning Newsfeed: 05.29.09

Our Blog Network: 05.28.09

Land at this Travel Writing Destination

Newsfeed Update: 05.28.09

Connect To These Tech Books Online

Listen: Wine Guy Gary Vaynerchuk on Brand Personality

The Morning Newsfeed: 05.28.09

Our Blog Network: 05.27.09

Lunch: A Heaping Helping of The Usual Suspects

The Week Holds Strong Under Prescient EIC

Looking To Switch Gears in Your Media Career?

Breaking: Nina Devlin Joins Edelman as SVP

Newsfeed Update: 05.27.09

Take On The Issues, With a Bit of Wit

Listen: ABC's Rick Klein Talks Sonia Sotomayor and More

The Morning Newsfeed: 05.27.09

Our Blog Network: 05.26.09

LAT Spinoff Mag Gets Last-Minute Axe

mb Original Video: AgencySpy's "The Week in Advertising"

Seduce This Agent with Red-Hot Fiction

Newsfeed Update: 05.26.09

Venture Beyond Typical Travel and Sports Stories

Listen: Did the NYT Have a Chance to Break the Watergate Story?

The Morning Newsfeed: 05.26.09

Unearth Science and Travel Writing Opportunities

This Week in mb

Our Blog Network: 05.22.09

Video: Morning Joe Hosts Weigh In on Politics and Digital Platforms

Newsfeed Update: 05.21.09

Stack Up Clips with Edgy Feature Pitches

Listen: "Decision-Maker Week" Concludes With CNN SVP David Bohrman

The Morning Newsfeed: 05.22.09

Our Blog Network: 05.21.09

Freelancers Keep the Heart of This Mag Pumping

Newsfeed Update: 05.21.09

Hit A High Note at These Music and Beauty Pubs

Listen: FNC SVP Michael Clemente on the Menu

The Morning Newsfeed: 05.21.09

Our Blog Network: 05.20.09

Lunch: Kerry Kennedy, Monica Crowley & Barbara Walters

Media Business Expert Calls For Revenue Reinvention Online

Advance Your Media Career With Tech-Savvy Tactics

Newsfeed Update: 05.20.09

Point Readers To Relationship and Family Success

Listen: EIC and Mediabistro Circus Speaker John Byrne

The Morning Newsfeed: 05.20.09

Our Blog Network: 05.19.09

The Week Elevates GM to President; Brandweek Reorganizes

BayNewser @ IJ-6: "Journalism is Going to Become All About Branding"

mb Original Video: AgencySpy's "The Week in Advertising"

Flourishing Agency Takes Authors to the Top

Newsfeed Update: 05.19.09

Make the Cut at These Mags with a Fashionable Pitch

Listen: Seventeen Magazine EIC Ann Shoket on the Menu

The Morning Newsfeed: 05.19.09

Our Blog Network: 05.18.09

The Press List: Host of TVNewsers To Peabodys, Digital Events Dominate

NYT Producer Taps Into Newspapers' Web Potential

Newsfeed Update: 05.18.09

Separate Yourself From the Rest With A Quirky Food Pitch

Listen: "Decision-Maker Week" Begins With MSNBC Pres. Phil Griffin

The Morning Newsfeed: 05.18.09

Obama Aide: Broadband May Save the News

This Week in mb

Our Blog Network: 05.15.09

I.D. Has Identity Crisis; Paste Asks For Donations

Break into the Bay Area Freelance Market

Newsfeed Update: 05.15.09

Bookish Types Wanted At These Pubs

Listen: Sports/Business Talk With CNBC's Rovell

The Morning Newsfeed: 05.15.09

Our Blog Network: 05.14.09

Newsfeed Update: 05.14.09

Steer Parents in the Right Direction With Service Pitches

Listen: ABC's Golodryga Talks Financial Coverage on the Menu

The Morning Newsfeed: 05.14.09

Our Blog Network: 05.13.09

Lunch: Barbara Walters, Frank Langella & Kathie Lee Gifford

Page Six's Richard Johnson Dishes in a Digital World

Dive Into Sports Journalism

Newsfeed Update: 05.13.09

Stand Out With An Eyecatching Pitch

Listen: Navigating the Job Market with MediaJobsDaily

The Morning Newsfeed: 05.13.09

Our Blog Network: 05.12.09

EIC Out at OK!; Food Network Magazine Hires

Foreign Language Freelancing Translates to Steady Income

Newsfeed Update: 05.12.09

Get Your Foot In The Door With A Personal Pitch

Listen: Bloomberg's Betty Liu Talks Financial Coverage

The Morning Newsfeed: 05.12.09

Our Blog Network: 05.11.09

Introducing BayNewser

The Press List: 'NerdProm' Puts Stars in Journos' Eyes

Advance Your Career By Forging Quality Connections

Newsfeed Update: 05.11.09

Freelancers Welcome in All Sections of These Mags

Listen: A Look Back at the WHCD Weekend (Prom)

The Morning Newsfeed: 05.11.09

DRM Debate: How Much Is Too Much?

This Week in mb

Our Blog Network: 05.08.09

Radar's Roshan To Edit; Cuts Befall Bay Area Daily

Home In On A Provocative Pitch For This National Mag

Newsfeed Update: 05.08.09

Scoop Up an Array of Online Assignments

Listen: Gideon Yago of IFC Media Project

The Morning Newsfeed: 05.08.09

Our Blog Network: 05.07.09

Midwestern Mag Welcomes Cross-Country Talent

Newsfeed Update: 05.07.09

Got Beef? Rant Your Way To A Byline

Listen: Fanscape CEO Weintraub on Future of Marketing

The Morning Newsfeed: 05.07.09

Our Blog Network: 05.06.09

Lunch: Barry Diller (on a Vespa!), Harvey Weinstein & Judge Judy

Mad About Maddow: MSNBC Host Talks Twitter Fanbase, TV Ratings

Breaking: Amazon Unveils Kindle DX

Breaking: Dylan Ratigan Stays with NBC, Will Join MSNBC

Target New Outlets For Freelance Pitches

Newsfeed Update: 05.06.09

Race Full Speed Ahead To A Byline

Listen: Can The Kindle Save Newspapers?

The Morning Newsfeed: 05.06.09

Our Blog Network: 05.05.09

Globe Closure Postponed; Editor Exodus at Louise Blouin Media

mb Original Video: AgencySpy's "The Week in Advertising"

Create and Sell Your Dream Reality Show

Newsfeed Update: 05.05.09

Pump Up Your Portfolio With Service Pitches

Listen: NBC's Richard Engel on 100th Menu Podcast

The Morning Newsfeed: 05.05.09

Our Blog Network: 05.04.09

The Press List: Scandinavian Secrets To Media Success?

Drive Revenue To Your Web Site With These Strategies

Newsfeed Update: 05.04.09

Q-And-A Your Way To A Byline

Listen: Tammy Haddad Talks WHCInsider on the Menu

The Morning Newsfeed: 05.04.09

Is Twitter a Fad? Nielsen Says It Just Might Be

This Week in mb

Our Blog Network: 05.01.09

Baltimore Sun Lays Off 61; Boston Globe Shutdown Deadline Arrives

Conceive A Clever Feature Pitch For Pregnancy

Newsfeed Update: 05.01.09

Zoom In On City Trends To Grab A Byline

Listen: Ellies Winners and GetSatisfaction's CEO

The Morning Newsfeed: 05.01.09

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