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Our Blog Network: 06.30.09

OK! Gambles on MJ Photo; Facebook Hires CFO

mb Original Video: AgencySpy's "The Week in Advertising"

Journalist-Friendly Agency Seeks Nonfiction Authors

Newsfeed Update: 06.30.09

Listen: Journalists Missed the Real Estate Bubble

Type Your Way into These Word-Loving Pubs

The Morning Newsfeed: 06.30.09

Our Blog Network: 06.29.09

Get Freelance Work Published at Top Titles

Newsfeed Update: 06.29.09

Pile Up Your Portfolio With Pitches To Design Pubs

Listen: Goodbye, Billy Mays

The Morning Newsfeed: 06.29.09

This Week in mb

Our Blog Roundup: 06.26.09

Media's Top Dogs Suffer Reversals of Fortune

Pitch Profiles with Finesse to Score at Esquire

Newsfeed Update: 06.26.09

Bring Home A Healthy, Beautiful... Clip

Listen: Michael Jackson Jokes and Hollywood

The Morning Newsfeed: 06.26.09

Our Blog Network: 06.25.09

Plant Your Gardening Pieces at this Pub

Newsfeed Update: 06.25.09

Draft a Winning Pitch for these Sports Mags

Listen : Thrillist Thursday

The Morning Newsfeed: 06.25.09

Our Blog Network: 06.24.09

Lunch: Charlie Rose, Fern Mallis & Tina Brown

Prolific Author 'Blatantly Self-Promotes' Online

Connect with the Media Community for Career Advancement

Newsfeed Update: 06.24.09

Listen: Sexy Morning Media Menu

Bank On Short Takes for Freelance Dollars

The Morning Newsfeed: 06.24.09

Our Blog Network: 06.23.09

First on TVNewser: truTV's "In Session" Shuts Down New York Operations

Meredith Model Draws Ad Pages; Mags, Web Sites Shift Directions

mb Original Video: AgencySpy's "The Week in Advertising"

Expand Your Brand's Reach with an Online News Conference

Newsfeed Update: 06.23.09

Sell Service Stories that Hit Home

Listen: Shrinking State Government Coverage

The Morning Newsfeed: 06.23.09

Our Blog Network: 06.22.09

Modify Your Media Skills to Earn Income in New Ways

Newsfeed Update: 06.22.09

Trade Recycled 'Green' Pieces for Natural Trend News

Listen: Meet the New Morning Media Menu Host

The Morning Newsfeed: 06.22.09

This Week in mb

Our Blog Network: 06.19.09

ABC Reorganizes; News Corp. To Shutter Fox Interactive

Frequent Flier or Loyal Local? Write for this Travel Title

First on FishbowlDC: CQ to Join Roll Call Under Economist Group

Newsfeed Update: 06.19.09

Spin a Hip Music Story for These Mags

Listen: Friday's Menu: An End and A Beginning

The Morning Newsfeed: 06.19.09

Our Blog Network: 06.18.09

Make Money Matters Accessible for this Online Pub

Newsfeed Update: 06.18.09

Drive Your Stories on City Life to these Pubs

Listen: "Life Inc." Author Douglas Rushkoff Talks Iran and More

The Morning Newsfeed: 06.18.09

Our Blog Network: 06.17.09

Lunch: Hoda Kotb & Bravo's Housewives Hold Court

Vice Editor Ventures Forward with a New Mag Model

Turn On Your TV Career

Newsfeed Update: 06.17.09

Tie Lifestyle and Fitness Together for a Winning Pitch

Listen: NYT's Brian Stelter On Iran and More

The Morning Newsfeed: 06.17.09

Our Blog Network: 06.16.09

HuffPo Adds "Firepower" With New CEO

mb Original Video: AgencySpy's "The Week in Advertising"

'Author's Advocate' Seeks Quality Queries

Newsfeed Update: 06.16.09

Traveling Tips Are Your Ticket to a Byline

Listen: Iran — Twitter Delays, Keller's Reports

The Morning Newsfeed: 06.16.09

Our Blog Network: 06.15.09

Breaking: Carlos Watson Gets 11am Slot on MSNBC

Print Journalists, Triumph Online with these Transition Tips

Newsfeed Update: 06.15.09

Find Trendy or Topical Threads to Pitch Design Pubs

Listen: NBC's Chris Hansen on His New Vegas Special

The Morning Newsfeed: 06.15.09

This Week in mb

Our Blog Network: 06.12.09

Buyers Eye Boston Globe; Porn Doesn't Pay

Make a Positive Impact at Good

Pack Pitches with Relatable Details to Get Published

Listen: Publishing News and More with Galleycat's Jason Boog

The Morning Newsfeed: 06.12.09

Our Blog Network: 06.11.09

Land Your Next Story at Hemispheres

Newsfeed Update: 06.11.09

Get in Rhythm with these Music Mags

Listen: This Week in New York Media

The Morning Newsfeed: 06.11.09

Our Blog Network: 06.10.09

Lunch: Cindi Leive, Harold Ford, Jr. & The Gang

Entrepreneur Powers Business with Social Media

Find Profitable Pursuits Online

Newsfeed Update: 06.10.09

Share Positive Stories with these Women Readers

Listen: CBS EP Zev Shalev on the Menu

The Morning Newsfeed: 06.10.09

Our Blog Network: 06.09.09

Severe Pay Cuts Come to the Globe; NYO Sheds Staffers

mb Original Video: AgencySpy's "The Week in Advertising"

Film Site Founder Treks to High-Traffic Success

Newsfeed Update: 06.09.09

Cross State Lines for a Byline

Listen: Chuck Todd's Book, Rupert's Thoughts on Newspapers

The Morning Newsfeed: 06.09.09

Our Blog Network: 06.08.09

The Press List: Media Parties and Panels Heat Up

Optimize Your Professional Visibility on Twitter

Newsfeed Update: 06.08.09

Fill Up On Fresh Fitness Ideas

Listen: What's Coming Up In Mediabistro's Education Department

The Morning Newsfeed: 06.08.09

This Week in mb

Our Blog Network: 06.05.09

Boston Globe Spins Toward Concessions Vote

Liquid Treat Dishes Up More Delicious Design

Place Your Health Stories at this Patients' Pub

Newsfeed Update: 06.05.09

Pitch New Parent Mags with a Fresh Point of View

Listen: Authors and Record Breakers Jess Todtfeld and TJ Walker

The Morning Newsfeed: 06.05.09

Our Blog Network: 06.04.09

Tap Into Sports Writing At Tapout

Newsfeed Update: 06.04.09

Concoct A Flavorful Food Trend Pitch

Listen: "Media Malpractice" Filmmaker John Ziegler

The Morning Newsfeed: 06.04.09

Our Blog Network: 06.03.09

Lunch: Andre Leon Talley Stops By -- and Hugh Jackman is Coming Tonight!

In A Multifaceted Role, Brown's Got Bazaar Covered

Make A Living As A Ghostwriter

Newsfeed Update: 06.03.09

Nurture New Freelance Gigs at Lifestyle Pubs

Listen: Mediabistro Circus Highlights Day 1, Preview Day 2

The Morning Newsfeed: 06.03.09

Our Blog Network: 06.02.09

Playboy, News Corp. Replace Top Execs

mb Original Video: AgencySpy's "The Week in Advertising"

Online Chops Propel Self-Starter to Blogging Career

Newsfeed Update: 06.02.09

Pick Up on Women's Trends to Pitch These Pubs

Listen: Previewing Today's Mediabistro Circus

The Morning Newsfeed: 06.02.09

Our Blog Network: 06.01.09

The Press List: Up To Our 'Net With Internet Week

NPR Reporters Engage Listeners Beyond The Airwaves

Newsfeed Update: 06.01.09

Encompass A Cultural Angle to Land a Byline

Listen: Thrillist CEO and Mediabistro Circus Speaker Ben Lerer

The Morning Newsfeed: 06.01.09

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