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Our Blog Network: 07.31.09

Buyers Bid on Boston Globe; Rodale Names New CEO

Join the Circle of Writers at this Mainstay Mag

Newsfeed Update: 07.31.09

Profit From Freelance Finance Stories

Listen: Welcome to Methland

The Morning Newsfeed: 07.31.09

Our Blog Network: 07.30.09

Grow A Freelance Relationship with Science Mags

Newsfeed Update: 07.30.09

Personality-Filled Culture Pitches Are Your Ticket to a Byline

Listen: Gawker on the Menu

The Morning Newsfeed: 07.30.09

Our Blog Network: 07.29.09

Breaking: Yahoo, Microsoft Pact Done: Yahoo Cedes Search to Redmond

EIC Serves Up A Successful Food Mag From Scratch

Parlay Your Media Expertise Into A Book Deal

Newsfeed Update: 07.29.09

Furnish A Freelance Pitch for Design Pubs

Listen: Freelance Cartoonist Blues

The Morning Newsfeed: 07.29.09

Our Blog Network: 07.28.09

Silverman Exits NBC; Gawker Gets A West Coast Editor

mb Original Video: AgencySpy's "The Week in Advertising"

Smart Staffing in a Shifting Economy

Newsfeed Update: 07.28.09

Listen: Twitter Expert Ashton Kutcher

Serve Trend Stories to the Culinary Crowd

The Morning Newsfeed: 07.28.09

Our Blog Network: 07.27.09

Prep Your PR Strategy Under Pressure

Newsfeed Update: 07.27.09

Get Your Creative Wheels Spinning

Listen: New Media Cage Match

The Morning Newsfeed: 07.27.09

This Week in mb

Navy Cmdr Files Sex Complaint Against Female Miami Herald Reporter

Our Blog Network: 07.24.09

Texas Tribune Acquires Texas Weekly, Staff Mount Up

Redefine Aging For AARP The Magazine

Newsfeed Update: 07.24.09

Put Your Wisdom on the Page for New Parent Pubs

Listen: Punk Rock Friday

The Morning Newsfeed: 07.24.09

Our Blog Network: 07.23.09

Breaking: AP to Create News Registry to Protect Online Content

Unusual Features Go Far at this Pub

Newsfeed Update: 07.23.09

Journey to Travel Mags for Freelance Gigs

Listen: Amazon to Acquire Zappos

The Morning Newsfeed: 07.23.09

Our Blog Network: 07.22.09

Lunch: Power Blondes Rule! Katie Couric, Tina Brown and Barbara Walters Hold Court

Hoda Kotb Dishes On Her 'Fearless' Decades in TV

Make Your Pitch or Public Persona Shine in the Limelight

Newsfeed Update: 07.22.09

Inspire Readers with a Funny, Heartfelt Pitch

Listen:: George Parker Dissects the Ad Industry

The Morning Newsfeed: 07.22.09

Our Blog Network: 07.21.09

Globe, Condé Nast Make Moves to Stay Afloat

mb Original Video: AgencySpy's "The Week in Advertising"

Draw From Personal Experience to Get Published

Newsfeed Update: 07.21.09

Pluck Ideas from the Garden for Earthy Mags

Listen: The Future of Condé Nast

The Morning Newsfeed: 07.21.09

Our Blog Network: 07.20.09

Authors, Take Marketing Matters into Your Own Hands

Newsfeed Update: 07.20.09

Get on the Right Wavelength for Radio Shows

Listen: Remembering Walter Cronkite

The Morning Newsfeed: 07.20.09

This Week in mb

Our Blog Network: 07.17.09

Poaching Season Inside the Beltway

Explore New Ground for this Active Lifestyle Mag

Newsfeed Update: 07.17.09

Pen a Profile for these Culture-Centric Pubs

Listen: Journalist Lisa R. Cohen on the Menu

The Morning Newsfeed: 07.17.09

Our Blog Network: 07.16.09

Pick Up on Regional Trends to Pitch Charlotte

Newsfeed Update: 07.16.09

Stamp Your Byline in a Worldly Pub

Listen: Meet the New TVNewser Editor

The Morning Newsfeed: 07.16.09

Our Blog Network: 07.15.09

Media Ally Makes Industry Longevity His Business

Make Your Message Work on the Web

Newsfeed Update: 07.15.09

Speak to Readers with a Cultural Pitch

Listen: Jane Austen vs. Sea Monsters

The Morning Newsfeed: 07.15.09

Our Blog Network: 07.14.09

TMZ Dumps Ad Sales Team; Paula Leaves Her Post

mb Original Video: AgencySpy's "The Week in Advertising"

Newsfeed Update: 07.14.09

Kick Up New Clips with Freelance Fitness Pitches

Listen: New Yorker Editor on Magazine Survival

The Morning Newsfeed: 07.14.09

Our Blog Network: 07.13.09

Writer Capitalizes on Freelance Career to Land Book Deal

Newsfeed Update: 07.13.09

Market Your Financial Features to these Pubs

Listen: MediaPost's Kelly Samardak on the Menu

The Morning Newsfeed: 07.13.09

This Week in mb

Our Blog Network: 07.10.09

Mags' September Issues Shrink; Seeks Cash

First on PRNewser: PRNewswire Confirms "Realignment"

Rock the Teen Beat with a Timely Pitch

Newsfeed Update: 07.10.09

Listen: Richard Nash on Publishing's Future

Give a 'Word' Tour for these Regional Mags

The Morning Newsfeed: 07.10.09

Our Blog Network: 07.09.09

Portland Spaces Devotes Space to Freelance Writers

Newsfeed Update: 07.09.09

Pitch What's on Your Plate to Stack Up Clips

Listen: National Geographic Confidential

The Morning Newsfeed: 07.09.09

Our Blog Network: 07.08.09

Lunch: The Lo-Cal Edition with Ron Perelman

TMZ Producer Dishes on Crushing the Competition with Jackson Scoop

Hungry For A New Career Path?

Newsfeed Update: 07.08.09

Find Your Next Byline Online

Listen: Meet Mediaite

The Morning Newsfeed: 07.08.09

Our Blog Network: 07.07.09

LAT Rearranges Masthead; Gannett Loses 1,400

Get Personal for National Publications

Newsfeed Update: 07.07.09

Listen: Michael Phelps and Advertising

Write Wholesome Stories for Girls' Mags

The Morning Newsfeed: 07.07.09

Our Blog Network: 07.06.09

Prolific Writer Grows A Global Business

Newsfeed Update: 07.06.09

Listen: Washington Post Scoop

Channel Your Inner Geek to Write for These Mags

The Morning Newsfeed: 07.06.09

This Week in mb

Flag These Independent Mags for Freelance Opportunities

Our Blog Network: 07.02.09

First on FBDC: Washington Post Responds to Politico

Refine Your Food Pitch for Fine Cooking

Newsfeed Update: 07.02.09

Listen: J.D. Salinger and Hyatt Bass on the Menu

Sculpt A Fitness Story for these Men's Mags

The Morning Newsfeed: 07.02.09

Our Blog Network: 07.01.09

What Happens in Vegas Invigorates this Interactive Brand

Cash In On Your International Assets

Newsfeed Update: 07.01.09

Listen: Al Franken Up, Sarah Palin Down

Concoct the Perfect Pitch for Science Mags

The Morning Newsfeed: 07.01.09

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