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Our Blog Network: 08.31.09

Listen: Jenna Bush Joins Today Show

Kantra's Mantra: Women Need Tech Content, Too

Newsfeed Update: 08.31.09

Find A New Freelance Environment at Nature Pubs

The Morning Newsfeed: 08.31.09

This Week in mb

Our Blog Network: 08.28.09

Transitions at the Top for A&E, AOL

CBS Correspondent Injured in Afghanistan

Go-To Bride Guide Wants 'Boundless Ideas'

Newsfeed Update: 08.28.09

Listen: Major Magazine Audit Looms

Rack Up Bylines at these Style Mags

The Morning Newsfeed: 08.28.09

Our Blog Network: 08.27.09

Breaking: A&E Television Networks to Acquire Lifetime

Kennedy Family Turns to Twitter and Web

Features With Flair Are On Pointe At This Dance Mag

Newsfeed Update: 08.27.09

Listen: Remembering Dominick Dunne

Freelance Opportunities Are In Season At These Mags

The Morning Newsfeed: 08.27.09

Our Blog Network: 08.26.09

Saveur Publisher Savors Sales Successes

Capture Assignments with Creative Photography

Newsfeed Update: 08.26.09

Reach New Heights with Adventurous Freelance Pitches

Listen: Politico Writer on Ted Kennedy's Legacy

The Morning Newsfeed: 08.26.09

Our Blog Network: 08.25.09

Kushner Launches New Paper; Zuckerberg Wants More Staffers

mb Original Video: AgencySpy's "The Week in Advertising"

Financial Blogger Rakes In Traffic, Book Deal

Newsfeed Update: 08.25.09

Treat Editors to a Real-World Health Story

Listen: Embedded Reporters Screened

The Morning Newsfeed: 08.25.09

Our Blog Network: 08.24.09

Mix Nonfiction with Culinary Zest to Entice this Agent

Newsfeed Update: 08.24.09

Listen: Freelance Survival Tips

Be A Vocal Local for Regional Pubs

The Morning Newsfeed: 08.24.09

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Our Blog Network: 08.21.09

Vogue, Marie Claire Get Runway-Ready for Fashion Week

For Freelancers, This Mag is Poetry in Motion

Newsfeed Update: 08.21.09

Confront Hard Truths with Political Pieces

Listen: Hunter Walker's J-School Confidential

The Morning Newsfeed: 08.21.09

Our Blog Network: 08.20.09

Journey Afar with International Culture Stories

Listen: Meet Graphic Novelist Robert Venditti

Newsfeed Update: 08.20.09

Write About Global Good for these Mission Mags

The Morning Newsfeed: 08.20.09

Our Blog Network: 08.19.09

Mashable Founder Pete Cashmore: 'Social Media Is The Media'

Breaking: "60 Minutes" Creator Don Hewitt Has Died

Find Pitching Success With These Pointers

Newsfeed Update: 08.19.09

Get on the Freelance Path at Biking Books

Listen: Glenn Beck's Ratings Rise

The Morning Newsfeed: 08.19.09

Our Blog Network: 08.18.09

RDA Files for Bankruptcy Protection to Digest Debt

mb Original Video: AgencySpy's "The Week in Advertising"

WaPo Editor Bites into Multiplatform Coverage

Newsfeed Update: 08.18.09

Stir Up Bylines With a Service-Heavy Pitch

Listen: The Future of Radio

The Morning Newsfeed: 08.18.09

Our Blog Network: 08.17.09

Unlock the Lucrative Side of Microblogging

Newsfeed Update: 08.17.09

Pitch a Trendy Science Piece to Rocket to Success

Listen: Barack Obama's NY Times Op-Ed

The Morning Newsfeed: 08.17.09

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Our Blog Network: 08.14.09

Reach Modern Women with Relatable Stories for Glamour

Newsfeed Update: 08.14.09

Brew A Byline from a Burgeoning City Trend

Listen: Behind the Scenes at wowOwow

The Morning Newsfeed: 08.14.09

Our Blog Network: 08.13.09

Capture the Relix Sound to Jam On Music Stories

Newsfeed Update: 08.13.09

Listen: GE Confronts Bill O'Reilly

Light Up the Pages of City Dweller Mags with Illuminating Profiles

The Morning Newsfeed: 08.13.09

Our Blog Network: 08.12.09

Lunch: Town & Country's Pamela Fiori & The Getaway Gang

Longtime Broadcaster Harry Smith Keeps It Fresh On the Air

Escalate Your Job Search or Platform with PR Prowess

Newsfeed Update: 08.12.09

Listen: The Uncertain Future of Media

Pitch Medical Stories With a Personal Angle to Health Pubs

The Morning Newsfeed: 08.12.09

Our Blog Network: 08.11.09

Facebook Makes New Friends Amid Media M&A Moves

mb Original Video: AgencySpy's "The Week in Advertising"

Writer Accelerates Career Current with Water Issues Documentary

Newsfeed Update: 08.11.09

Discover Freelance Opportunities at Regional Mags

Listen: Coping with Layoffs

The Morning Newsfeed: 08.11.09

Our Blog Network: 08.10.09

Julie Powell Jumps from Blog to Book to Big Screen

Newsfeed Update: 08.10.09

Visualize Your Future Byline at Design Pubs

Listen: Media Hope from Author Richard Farrell

The Morning Newsfeed: 08.10.09

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Our Blog Network 08.07.09

Time Inc. Shutters Southern Accents, Accent on the 'Shudder'

Write What You Know for Writer's Digest

Newsfeed Update: 08.07.09

Push the Envelope to Earn Gigs at Men's Pubs

Listen:Twitter Attacked!

The Morning Newsfeed: 08.07.09

Our Blog Network: 08.06.09

Take The Plunge at Sport Diver with Travel Pitches

Newsfeed Update: 08.06.09

Breaking: Twitter's Down

Illuminate the Tech World with Imaginative Writing

Listen: Don Linn Debates Digital Pricing

The Morning Newsfeed: 08.06.09

Our Blog Network: 08.05.09

Lunch: The Usual Suspects Today -- But Sarah Palin Was Here Last Night!

Reader's Digest EIC Updates A Veteran Brand

Drum Up Web Writing Dollars

Listen: Bill Clinton's Reporter Rescue

Newsfeed Update: 08.05.09

Exclusive: CQ-Roll Call Deal Signed, Management Changes Announced

Find a Pitch that Clicks at Online Pubs

The Morning Newsfeed: 08.05.09

Our Blog Network: 08.04.09

Breaking: North Korea Pardons Current TV Journalists

NYT Co. Loses PR Chief; LA Times Media Group Strengthens Sales Efforts

mb Original Video: AgencySpy's "The Week in Advertising"

Update Your Print Mindset to Compete Online

Newsfeed Update: 08.04.09

Listen: Media Truce

Draw From Experience To Write For Parenting Pubs

The Morning Newsfeed: 08.04.09

Our Blog Network: 08.03.09

Breaking: Gawker, Gizmodo, Defamer Et Al Are Down

Get A Handle on Twitter Transparency

Newsfeed Update: 08.03.09

Try a Friendly Freelance Approach with Women's Mags

Listen: Woodstock Turns 40

The Morning Newsfeed: 08.03.09

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