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Sunday, Apr 01

GawkerBistro? mb and the Gawk form partnership

mbgawklogo1.pngIn a surprising turn of events, Gawker owner and founder Nick Guido Denton and mb founder Laurel Touby, throw aside any past enmity and join forces against an even bigger potential threat: Dead Horse Media. Yes, they are forming a Joint Venture to overtake Elizabeth Spiers' burgeoning empire, which includes, AboveTheLaw and whatever else the evil vixen cooks up. They are calling their joint venture Double Dead Horse Media.

Who cooked up this auspicious pairing? None other than dashing Onion CEO Sean Mills, who brokered the deal at the recent Onion TV Launch Party. Witnesses to the tense backroom negotiations included's Rufus Griscom and CollegeHumor's Ricky Van Veen, who says: "It was tough for awhile there. The sticking point was mostly about boas and stuff. But then they took some X and hugged it out."

As a result of the joint venture and a subsequent restructuring, the staff will report to's Lockhart Steele.

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