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Saturday, Jun 30

Rotten Tomatoes EIC: 'Bloggers are not the death of criticism'

In our interview this week, Rotten Tomatoes EIC Matt Atchity defended entertainment bloggers, said slideshows are a traffic magnet, and took on smartphone-toting film critics. What do you think?

Read the interview and share your comments

Eric Rowe Dude really needs to read this article on The Atlantic. The Pernicious Myth That Slideshows Drive 'Traffic'

Richard Jenkins I couldn't agree more with Matt. Images are indeed effective in articles; and if one has a catchy caption, its an added feather in your cap!

@antkaufman "There's not a lot of traffic in covering indie movies." No Duh, @RottenTomatoes. And that's why you're bad for cinema.

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