Wednesday Jun 05, 2013

A Rodale Refugee Reunion; Christine Lahti Penning a Memoir?

1003_lunch_100x100.gifAs faithful readers of this column know, in the meta media universe that is Wednesdays at Michael's, there is no end to the way fellow diners are connected.

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Wednesday May 29, 2013

Dishing with Scandal's Tony Goldwyn; Catching Up With Michael Strahan

1003_lunch_100x100.gifIt was a regular boys club at Michael's today with football legends, publishing hot shots, and the hottest actor on broadcast television, Scandal's Tony Goldwyn.

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Wednesday May 15, 2013

Bravo 'Newlyweds' Alaska and Kim Dish on Reality TV Instafame

1003_lunch_100x100.gifThe usual mix of editors (Anne Fulenwider), media moguls (David Zinczenko), and reality stars were in full power lunch mode at Michael's today.

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Wednesday May 08, 2013

David Zinczenko on His New 'High-Profile Life' and the Real Story Behind His Leaving Rodale

1003_lunch_100x100.gifWe score the exclusive first sit-down with the former Rodale editor to get the scoop on his new venture with business partner Stephen Perrine.

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Wednesday May 01, 2013

Isabella Rossellini's Animal Instincts

1003_lunch_100x100.gifToday at Michael's, we had a fascinating conversation with Isabella Rossellini about aging, celebrity, fashion and gay geese (Stay with us -- this gets good).

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Wednesday Apr 24, 2013

Harvey Weinstein, Ali MacGraw and the Brains Behind Coffee With Tim Cook

1003_lunch_100x100.gifThe scene in the Michael's dining room today provided whiplash-inducing people watching.

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Wednesday Apr 10, 2013

Eliot Spitzer, a Party for Angela Cummings and the Story Behind the New Bernie Madoff Documentary

1003_lunch_100x100.gifThe Michael's dining room was SRO today as fashionable ladies who lunch celebrated one of their own, and we sat down with producers of a new Bernie Madoff documentary.

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Wednesday Apr 03, 2013

Matt Blank, Dennis Basso and the Story Behind Megan McCain's Latest TV Project

1003_lunch_100x100.gifLast week at Michael's, it was all about authors and agents, and today it was the television titans' turn in the rotating cast of characters that is Wednesdays in the dining room.

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Wednesday Mar 27, 2013

Willie Geist Gives Parenting Advice to Kanye West; Star Jones Celebrates a Birthday

1003_lunch_100x100.gifSpotted in the Michael's lunch room today: Star Jones, TV Guide's Jack Kliger, and NBC's Willie Geist who gave us the scoop on his upcoming book.

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Wednesday Mar 13, 2013

Meg Ryan, Judith Regan "Below the Radar" on Table One

1003_lunch_100x100.gifThe spring power lunch season has officially begun at Michael's with plenty of famous faces (Meg Ryan) and talking heads (Charles Grodin, Star Jones, Lawrence O'Donnell) mixed in with the usual suspects.

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Joe Kernen Settles a Bet, Plus the Return of Michael Wolff

Mika Brzezinski, Miss USA and a Mysterious Stephen Baldwin Sighting

Tory Burch's Ex Dines With Ron Perelman; Kelly Bensimon Goes Back to School

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Shirley MacLaine Stops by a Birthday Party for Liz Smith

Lesley Stahl, Cynthia McFadden & Lindsay Lohan's Interior Decorator

Sandra Lee's New Magazine and Novel; Hoda Kotb Celebrates Book Number Two

Lisa Vanderpump Dishes on the Beverly Hills Housewives, Wendy Williams Holds Court

Power Lunching with Eliot Spitzer, Star Jones and Joanna Coles

Tom Brokaw, Randi Zuckerberg and David Zinczenko's Next Chapter

Harvey Weinstein, David Zinczenko and Peggy Siegal Throws Another Party

The 'Cosmo 100' with Sarah Jessica Parker and Jessica Seinfeld

Melania Trump, Star Jones and the Man Behind Katie Couric's Cushy Set

Barbara Walters, Joe Kernen and Republican Response to the Debate

Bette Midler, Blythe Danner and Chris Noth's Advice for President Obama

Star Jones, Charlie Rose and Manhattan's Most Discrete Fine Jeweler

Calvin Klein, Piers Morgan and The Newsroom‘s Emily Mortimer

Cynthia McFadden, Gayle King and Blythe Danner at the Bar

Barbara Walters, Arianna Huffington and a Socialite Celebration

Mob Wives, Kim Kardashian's BFF and the Woman Behind Mad Men

Ann Curry, Calvin Klein and a Real-Life Seinfeld Character

Anderson Cooper, Harold Ford, Jr and Bob Guccione, Jr

Christina Cuomo and Fern Mallis Lunch, Plus Cindy McCain Slips By

Star Jones, Henry Schleiff and a Squadron of Spinmeisters

Eliot Spitzer Talks About CNN's Identity Crisis

Charlie Rose, Star Jones, Joe Kernan and Jack Welch Hold Court

Anderson Cooper, Andrew Stein And Serenading Socialites

Moguls on the Menu: Brian Grazer, Tom Freston, Isaac Mizrahi

Spike Lee, Jon Meacham & A Real Housewife of New York City

A Regis & Kathie Lee Reunion, Plus Harold Ford Jr., Carl Bernstein and Star Jones

Back to Business With Norma Kamali, Jeanine Pirro and William Lauder

Donald Trump, Star Jones and Wendy Williams Lunch at Michael's

Harvey Weinstein Leads the Movie Mogul Charge

A Party For Kate White and A Madoff Sighting

Ed Rollins Talks Presidential Politics; The 1 Percent Toasts the Good Life

A Party for Emily Blunt & Ewan McGregor; Katie Couric Holds Court

Dan Rather, Steve Kroft and An Encore Appearance by John Legend

Katie Couric, Star Jones and the Fashion Week Flock

Star Jones, Kerry Kennedy & Publicists APlenty

Manhattan's A-List Turns Out for Harvey Weinstein's Giants Pep Rally

The A-List Returns! Barbara Walters, Charlie Rose, Barry Diller Hold Court at Michael's

George Lucas, Jon Meacham & the Usual Suspects

David Carey & the Media Mob Get Back to Business

Harold Ford Jr., Star Jones & Donny Deutsch

Henry Kravis, John Huey & Kim Kardashian's BFF

Real Housewife Melissa Gorga Dishes on Her Sister-in-Law From Hell

Tom Brokaw, Vernon Jordan and the Shy Divorcee

Al Roker, Ron Perelman, and Peggy Siegal Fetes Elizabeth Olsen

Caroline Manzo, Morgan Fairchild, Plus HarperCollins Fetes William Boyd

Tim Gunn, Pharrell Williams and a Flock of Fashionistas

Barbara Walters, Harold Ford, Jr. and Bravo's Chris March

Scottie Pippen Mixes It Up With the Media Mob & Does Rosie Have a New Lady Love?

Cathie Black Resurfaces, Jann Wenner at Table One, and Dish from The Millionaire Matchmaker

Alexis Glick Dishes with Michelle Paterson, NY Republican Chair Talks Turner Victory

Ed Rollins' Wife on His Departure from Bachmann's Campaign

All in the Family with Joe Kernen & A Dark Shadows Star is Reborn

Cosmo's Kate White Celebrates The Sixes

Bob Schieffer, Carl Bernstein and the Shopaholic Squadron

Melania Trump, Charles Grodin and Princess Di's Wedding Designer

Glenn Close and Damages Cast Celebrate Season Four

Jon Meacham, Desiree Gruber And A Squadron of Spinmeisters

Rick Fox, Arianna Huffington and a Real Housewife

Mary Higgins Clark, The Hiltons And The Media Mob

Barbara Walters and Vernon Jordan Make Appearances; NBC's David Corvo Serves Up TV Dish

Tom Brokaw, Trudie Styler, Joan Rivers & Happy Birthday, Jon Meacham!

Kathie Lee Gifford, Marlo Thomas And The Best Seller Brigade

Joan Collins, Dennis Basso And The Media Mob

Eliot Spitzer on Working for CNN: 'I'm having a barrel of fun!'

Kerry Kennedy & Jackie Author Come Face To Face

Sinbad & Family Dish on Their New Reality Show

Rachel Uchitel Creates A Stir at Michael's

Ina Garten, Joanna Coles And The Fashion Flock

Separate Tables For Jann Wenner And Neal Boulton

Charlie Rose, Bonnie Fuller And The Ex-Mr. Star Jones

Blake Lively, Charlie Rose And An Ex-Caped Crusader

David Zinczenko, Keith Kelly and The Media Mavens

It's An A-Lister Buffet! Cate Blanchett, Debra Messing, Star Jones and The Morning Joe Team

Harvey Weinstein, Evelyn Lauder And A Few Sports Moguls

David Carey, Steve Madden and The Power Blondes

David Hockney, Lawrence O'Donnell and The Scandal-Scarred Manhattanite

Tina Brown, Al Roker and Facebook's Flummoxed Friends

Eliot Spitzer Dishes It Out, Jeff Zucker Takes It In

Lara Spencer, John Sykes & Dr. Ruth Ring in the Holidays

Joel Klein, Diana Taylor and the December Diehards

Joe Torre, Joan Collins and a Mogul Mashup

Doris Kearns Goodwin, Bo Dietl and The Post-Election Posse

Desiree Rogers, Kathie Lee Gifford & The Millionaire Matchmaker Meltdown

Isaac Mizrahi, Twilight's Kellan Lutz & A Manhattan Madri Gras

Vernon Jordan, Paul Shaffer and Richard Belzer Grab a Bite at Michael's

Mogul Mania with Jack Welch & David Geffen

Renee Fleming, Harold Ford Jr & The Social Swells

Chris Matthews Stops by Michael's

Lunch: David Carey, Linda Wells & The Power Lunch Diehards

Cindi Leive, Larry Hackett & David Zinczenko: Editors Unleashed!

Lunch: An Incognito Laurie Dhue & The Summer Swells

Lunch: Richard Belzer, Deborah Norville & the Real Ari Gold!

Peggy Siegal, Pamela Fiori & the Winner of Lunch with Laurel

Lunch: Alex McCord & Simon van Kempen Serve Up Some Tasty 'Real Housewives' Dish

Lunch: Does Sopranos Creator David Chase Ever Smile?

Lunch: Jimmy Buffett, Dr. Ruth and the Usual Suspects

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