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Thursday, Feb 28

Mediabistro Chats: 02.28.13


Mediabistro Facebook wants to use offline shopping habits to target online ads. Creepy or cool? (via @SocialTimes)

twitter@DevonGlenn FB can show me ads if they want. But if they tell my friends (or my insurance co.) what I buy, that's not cool.

twitter@missphenom I have a very big problem with that because it's my private time. Facebook doesn't have a right to it

twitter@FelizaCasano Personally, I prefer to get personal ads like "Check out this new book" to the "Hot singles in your area" ads.

twitter@AndyMedici Does that mean I am going to stop seeing ads about losing belly fat, meeting singles and low rates on mortages? THE HORROR!

twitter@FitFabandFrugal it is annoying but makes sense

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