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Friday, Mar 22

Mediabistro Chats: 03.22.13


Mediabistro All Web articles should be a single page, argues this writer. Do you agree? (via @Slate)

twitter@MSRG_Pubs I've always found jumps and pagebreaks annoying. (Continued, ironically, in the next tweet...)

twitter@MSRG_Pubs A skimmer with an abbreviated attention span, I like to breeze through a piece in one shot.

twitter@lexia14 I don't see pages as the problem but the cluttered UI due to ads.

twitterMatt Higgins I agree and that is how I set up my website. I believe others break articles into multiple pages to increase Page View stats.

twitterAndrew Honma Ideally, yes. But, if placing that article on a single page causes the site to go out of business, well, I'd argue they need a better business model

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