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Tuesday, Mar 26

Mediabistro Chats: 03.26.13


Mediabistro Do you think it is OK for journos to publish off-the-record quotes after a source dies? (via @Slate)

twitter@MsMandyMc It's not right if it's off the record. The record is still on even someone's dies & how do we even know they said it?

twitter@melissaweir2161 No. Source not around to defend. Consider family left behind. I wonder why people question journo ethics?

twitter@NikkiCGlenn Absolutely not. An off-the-record quote should be treated like it was never said, regardless of whether they've died.

twitterRia Amber Tesia No. Off the record means off the record.

twitterRebecca Benison Absolutely not! Ethics should not die just because people do.

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