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Wednesday, Apr 24

Mediabistro Chats: 04.24.13


Mediabistro Many are decrying this @politico piece on Jill Abramson as sexist. Do you agree?

twitter@mmaskaly I don't understand how it is sexist? She sounds like a dumbed-down version of Anna Wintour.

twitterRebecca Baker Gee, a boss acting like a boss. Stop the presses!

twitterLorraine Forte i see no reason why it is sexist. anyone who has worked at a paper knows editors can be very difficult, be they male or female.

twitterMegan Walters Have you ever heard a male boss criticized for being "brusque?" What, are women supposed to simper and be passive aggressive, or just plain passive?

twitterJoel Rogness The article is sexist? It doesn't seem to me to be presenting her in a particular light. I guess I disagree.

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