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Tuesday, Dec 11

Mediabistro Chats: 12.11.12


Mediabistro Should those behind the Kate Middleton hospital prank call face criminal charges? (via @HuffingtonPost)

twitter@MissCarolynC no, and if I hear one more person say this I'm going to scream.

twitter@missphenom Those Aussie radio jocks should face charges because they lied, induced panic causing the nurse' death

twitter@derekdevries No one could reasonably assume that one would be driven to suicide simply b/c they improperly transferred a phone call

twitterAl Southers Yeah, they did obtain confidential medical information illegally. I don't believe they should be prosecuted for the death of the nurse.

twitterRichie Yardnote It's not illegal for calling someone. They didn't do any swatting.

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